What We're Reading This Week: Top 5 Industry Articles

July 12, 2018

The Marin Marketing team stays busy not only striving to deliver compelling, educational, and relevant content—we also spend time following the most interesting industry news. In this weekly series, we list the stories that are grabbing our team’s attention.

Voice commerce with smart home devices is growing fast

Trade publication Voicebot.ai reports that 26% of smart speaker owners have made a purchase by voice. And, 11.5% of those people fall into the habitual voice shopper category by making monthly purchases.

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Influencer marketing fraud – how big a problem is it?

At Cannes this year, Unilever highlighted the problem of fraud in influencer marketing, leading other advertisers to reveal they've been quietly working on their own solutions. Just how big a problem is influencer marketing fraud and what can advertisers do about it?

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Telemundo viewers go mobile to enjoy the FIFA
World Cup

While the connected TV remains the most popular screen for streaming live video, between 48 and 51 percent of Telemundo’s live digital viewers consistently watch the games on their smartphones.

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Mobile commands up to 70% of retailers’ digital ad spend

The retail sector's investment in mobile ads is expected to account for nearly 70% of retailers' digital ad spending in 2018, according to a new report from eMarketer. It’s expected that retailers will spend $23.5 billion on digital ads, a jump of 18.7% from last year.

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AT&T takes on Facebook and Netflix

AT&T has unveiled a bunch of new services following its acquisition of Time Warner. The company appears to be intent on leveraging its new content assets from Time Warner to fight off competition from other streaming services and carriers.

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