MarinOne is built for advertisers who don't want limits and like to dream big

Unlimited accounts

Designed to make it easy to work across multiple accounts, you can set up MarinOne to align with your business. Multiple publisher accounts can be linked into a single MarinOne account or you can organize by advertiser, line of business or…?

MarinOne & Publishers Tools

Unlimited users

Provide the power of MarinOne to as many users as needed. Flexible permissions ensure people only have access to the data that they need.

Millions of objects

Are you managing millions of keywords? Not a problem. MarinOne works well on accounts with over 10MM keywords.

MarinOne Software Features
Publishers Tools Reporting

Get the big picture

See results across groups campaigns and accounts. No need to be limited by publisher structure.

Powerful bulk operations

Unified bulk uploads allow you to work across accounts and publishers with a single action. Inline editing allows you to make adjustments or corrections without returning to Excel.

Campaign Reporting & Filtering

Currency Conversion

With flexible currency conversion, your accounts can be mixed and matched as needed. Local teams can work in their own currency and also roll up to the company default.

Flexible Conversions

Optimization at Scale

Budget Optimizer offers ultimate flexibility regardless of your account structure or program complexity.