the challenge

How much time do you spend each week on reporting?

There’s no reason to spend time building your daily, weekly, and monthly reports. You’re generally looking at the same data set and charts each time. These should be completely automated across publishers and channels.

It’s unrealistic to think that spreadsheet analysis will disappear from a digital marketer's workflow, but save this for the hard questions, the deep dives into issues that the dashboards highlight for you automatically.

Ready for shareable dashboards?

Eliminate manual reporting

With our direct API integration with publishers, Marin automatically pulls the latest complete data for analysis and optimization. No more time manually collecting and copying data into spreadsheets or jumping between browser tabs for different publisher tools.

Create the view you need

Marin’s powerful grids let you ask questions of your data in countless ways at every level of the campaign structure. Any view you can create can be added as a dashboard widget, from basic tables to powerful charts. From time-series views to pivot table-like Dimension summaries.

Get a new perspective with unlimited dashboards

In Marin, you can create an unlimited number of dashboards for your own use, or to be shared with the team, management, or clients. If you run a team, you can easily create a dashboard for each team member to identify what needs your attention. You might have a different level of detail for daily vs. weekly vs. monthly reports.

Control who sees what

Gone are the days of everyone creating their own version of the team’s preferred reports because with Marin, you can make one dashboard for your entire team and use Territories to automatically filter the data applicable to each team member. Additionally, dashboards can be accessed by Marin users, but to make them even more powerful, you can share a dashboard-only link with anyone. This lets clients or management get the data they need without getting bogged down in using a new platform.

Standardize reporting across clients

Get your team on the same page with dashboards that work across Marin client accounts. For agencies, this means that each brand can have a consistent playbook they use for client meetings. And if you update the dashboard, each client automatically receives the update. 

Of course, if you have specific needs for a client, they can have their own custom dashboard(s).

Power your dashboards automatically

No more pulling data from publishers or keeping up with ever-changing APIs. Marin can push your unified data into your data warehouse, Google Sheets, or Excel. With BI Connect, we plug directly into the dashboards you already use, saving you the headaches of managing the data connection. 

Get started uniting your ecosystem

Are you ready to streamline your data? Talk to your Marin representative today to get started now.