Share Unified and Aligned Marketing Data Anywhere with
BI Connect

Democratize Access to your Marketing Data

Marin consolidates Search, Social, and eCommerce publishers, giving you a single source to connect your to your data warehouse and BI Tools.  No more keeping up with changing APIS or manually collecting data from smaller publishers like LinkedIn, Snap and Reddit.

Having full access BI Connect provides advertisers an easy and scalable solution to pull data from Marin into your BI tool with unparalleled flexibility, data accessibility, and simplicity

Having all of our data in different locations was creating a reporting challenge for us. With Marin’s BI Connect, our reporting is streamlined and we have a better understanding of cross-channel performance, which has helped us identify insights and set up alerts and automation.
Paul Spokes, Director, AMS Media Group

Simplify the Data Collection

With BI Connect, Marin can be used as a data source in your BI platform, allowing you to create custom dashboards and reports. Data hosting can be done on your cloud or Marin’s and is backed with enterprise-level data security.

Unify Cost and Revenue Data Across Channels

Marin stitches together cost and revenue data into a unified data model across accounts and publishers. Marin integrates data from any analytics or attribution source, and see deep into your purchase funnels by connecting offline sales to online advertising. BI Connect extends the benefits of Marin’s open platform by giving access to this 3rd-party revenue, including customer LTV and Amazon Attribution data, already stitched together across publishers and channels.

Detailed Data for All Levels of the Campaign Structure

BI Connect enables access to all levels of data, including placements, site links, audiences, product groups, SKUs, Amazon ASINs, and exposure of key metrics in additive form, such as quality score, bid, available impressions, etc.

Don’t forget access to Marin-exclusive data, such as Dimensions, Custom Columns, Bid Strategies, and Marin Tracker attribution.

Getting Started is Easy

Onboarding BI Connect is simple. We do the heavy-lifting, so you can minimize dependency on your internal teams. There’s no need to aggregate or map data, your publishers, revenue, and saved views are already organized and loaded by Marin. Simply connect a query to the BI Tool of your choice and hit the ground running!

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