• With dozens of clients and multiple publishers, channels, and platforms, AMS was looking for an industry-leading way to connect the dots between their data.
  • They used Marin data and Marin’s BI Connect feed data to their BI platform, which gives them reliable Marin data in a platform that provides additional data visualization and augmented analytics.
  • This connection allowed them to save time and streamline their workflow, while also unlocking additional insights, efficiencies, alerts, and automation that only come with a true cross-channel understanding of their data.


AMS Media Group is a fully accredited independent media planning and buying agency with offices in London and Leeds. They work with clients across verticals to produce effective solutions that deliver results, working with each client’s unique business objectives to find a common-sense solution.

AMS provides experienced and relevantly skilled teams to match each client’s unique requirements and leverages the latest technological advancements when required, all while making reporting and analytics open and accessible to all stakeholders. Their independence provides reassurance of neutrality, as they are not constrained by any pre-defined media owner commitments or resourcing limitations.

Having all of our data in different locations was creating a reporting challenge for us. We had everything we needed, but getting it all into a single spot was a headache. Marin’s BI Connect helped us solve that. Now, our reporting is streamlined and we have a better understanding of cross-channel performance, which has helped us identify insights and set up alerts and automation.

Paul Spokes
Director at AMS Media Group


Given their large client base, AMS was looking to report across all clients, publishers, and channels. AMS uses Adform for ad serving and attribution, they use Adverity for data visualization and business intelligence, and Marin for campaign management, but with so many disparate tools serving different purposes, it was difficult to get all of the information they needed in a single spot.

AMS needed a solution to stitch together data from many different locations and seamlessly integrate it to other tools in their marketing stack.


With help from Marin’s Customer Success and Integration teams, AMS was able to set up Marin’s BI Connect, a solution that pulls data from Marin and sends it to Business Intelligence tools, so customers can use it for reporting, visualization, and a deeper-dive into their data.

AMS uses Adform as their ad server, which sends de-duplicated publisher and conversion data into Marin. Marin then uses BI Connect to seamlessly send data to Adverity, a reporting platform that AMS Media uses for analytics and insights. The data is sent using Amazon Redshift, a cloud data warehouse.

The end result is a streamlined workflow in which AMS can see all of their data in one spot, without having to go back and forth between several different data platforms. All three tools in this chain -- Adform, Adverity, and Marin -- are independent, so AMS never runs into any walled gardens and has access to all of their own data where they want it, when they want. The three tools combine to create a best-in-class, fully independent marketing stack that allows AMS to use their data to understand cross-channel performance better than ever.


Marin data helps power AMS's automated reporting, data visualisation and augmented analytics workflow, allowing AMS to detect trends and anomalies and provide proactive campaign optimization. They are automatically alerted to changes in account behavior, they receive intelligent insights into beneficial changes, and they use AI to help spot trends and create thoughtful automation.

The newly-streamlined workflow and improved reporting allowed AMS to save many hours each week, which they’ve been able to re-invest in performance improvements.

The true cross-client, cross-channel reporting and improved data visualization allowed AMS to unlock additional insights and efficiencies to improve performance and streamline campaign management.

Their fully independent marketing stack allows them to own all of their data, without restrictions or walled gardens, so they can access the data they need, when and where they need it.