• Visibility into proprietary revenue data SKU level
  • Increased impression share
  • 30% increase in CTR
  • Successful A/B test across product titles between descriptors

About 4AllPromos

4AllPromos is an online provider of expert promotional products for business and groups, featuring tote bags, drinkware, pens, and apparel.

SKU-level reporting through Marin has quickly become a core part of our Shopping optimization strategy, allowing us to leverage call conversion tracking at the product level for the first time. Our new campaign targeting top performing SKUs consistently provides the highest ROAS of all of our efforts in this channel. Without the insights provided by SKU-level reports, creating and optimizing this campaign was a practical impossibility.

Director of Paid Ads

Working with a Timeworn Strategy

4AllPromos leveraged Google PLA and Shopping ads for years. During this time, the 4AllPromos team enlisted the advice and expertise of multiple third parties. They recently came to the realization—if they wanted to continue improving on their marketing program goal of being seen by more shoppers in the market for promotional products, they needed a fresh strategic approach.

Solution—a Focus on Products, Structure, and Data

Marin Software’s review of 4AllPromos’ shopping program focused on three key tenets: the quality of the product feed, the campaign taxonomy, and SKU-level data for future segmentation. The review resulted in several successful outcomes.

Shopping Campaign Restructure

Marin consultants suggested building out a more robust system of campaigns and product groups to maximize effectiveness of the 4AllPromos product feed. The recommendations included making use of priority settings across multiple campaigns, segmenting new product groups by category and SKU-level performance, using custom labels, and setting up a catch-all campaign. In short, Marin advised 4AllPromos to break out the single campaign into a manageable set of campaigns that could be optimized in conjunction to achieve positive results.

SKU-Level Revenue and Segmentation

By implementing SKU-level revenue tracking, Marin was able to surface products in 4AllPromos campaigns that were being triggered by non-relevant search queries and costing them a material amount of spend. Prior to Marin, this insight was out of reach due to a publisher reporting limitation. But, since Marin Software offers SKU-level call conversion reporting, identifying these products and then eliminating wasteful spend was quick and efficient. Also, SKU-level revenue data provides 4AllPromos visibility into the top performing products, allowing for seamless segmentation to create new product groups and bids based on SKU performance.

The granular level of performance and conversion data afforded by SKU-level reporting transformed what could have been a huge project into a manageable task for a single person to execute. The ease of the structural campaign changes provided more time for the real needle mover—continuing to champion the winner while pruning (or, extinguishing) the losers.

Product Feed Testing

4AllPromos leveraged SmartFeed to optimize their product feed and gain insight into how the product’s title impacted performance. One illustrative example comes from an “A/B test” using different titles in a single product group. Smartfeed was able to find winning titles that yielded CTR approximately 40-45% higher than the test titles. These learnings were then extrapolated to the rest of 4AllPromos product groups.


  • Visibility into proprietary revenue data at most granular SKU level
  • Increased impression share
  • 30% increase in CTR
  • Successful A/B test across product titles between descriptors