• 22.7% YoY increase in conversions
  • 100+ hours saved in ad management across Google and Bing
  • Maintained BizCover’s CPL within its target range by 3-5%


BizCover is an Australian-based business insurance comparison service. It helps small businesses compare and buy business insurance policies from major insurance providers online. Founded in 2007, BizCover has become synonymous with disruption in the insurance space and has sold over 250,000 policies to over 100,000 SMEs Australia-wide.


As an industry disruptor, BizCover faced a marketing hurdle that many rapidly scaling businesses come across: How do you build more leads while creating efficiencies in ad spend, time and resources?

As a growing business, a key goal for BizCover was to generate business leads online. However, the sheer size of the company’s AdWords account, alongside resourcing and time constraints, was standing in the way of BizCover achieving its full lead generation potential.

The business insurance space is complex and also extremely competitive, which made optimizing digital marketing efforts an onerous job for the BizCover team. The task of manually managing a large amount of keyword bids on a daily basis was costing the business a great deal of time and resources. They also found they were spending a large amount of time on lower value accounts, which resulted in lower ROI.

BizCover knew it needed a scalable digital solution that would automate processes, create time efficiencies and allow it to increase leads while maintaining cost per leads (CPL) within its target range.


Marin Software and BizCover began working together in March 2016. With Marin providing ongoing support during the planning and implementation phases, BizCover was able to run the technology to its full potential both quickly and easily.

To help BizCover manage its search account more efficiently, improve performance, and achieve an increase in leads, Marin Software recommended that BizCover focus on automated bidding, automating reports and use the Smart Sync tool to sync beteween their Google and Bing accounts.

Marin Software’s platform optimized BizCover’s bidding activity, changing its keyword bids regularly to respond to daily data opportunities.

Marin Software’s Smart Sync solution was also used to clone AdWords campaigns across to Bing Ads and therefore provided a significant time saving opportunity for BizCover’s team. This function is ongoing, meaning that ads are transferred across from Google to Bing. By automating the process so the Google changes are replicated in Bing, Marin Software was able to give BizCover peace of mind by keeping the account up-to-date while saving time.

In tandem, BizCover and Marin Software focused on generating more leads while keeping within BizCover’s CPL target.


Marin Software has provided BizCover with a transparent and unified view of its online marketing activities.

Since its implementation, Marin Software’s platform has changed 90% - 100% of BizCover’s keywords’ bids on a daily basis, automatically responding to market changes, competition, and potential leads within the account across all keywords.

Through the Smart Sync feature, Marin Software has allowed the BizCover team to effortlessly manage and optimize search campaigns across publishers, saving them a great deal of time while increasing their ROI. The BizCover team has saved over 100 hours in manual ad management on Bing through the use of Smart Sync alone.

As a result, the company’s bidding activities have become more consistent and strategic, and have led to tangible lead generation.

Overall, Marin software has had a big impact on the way BizCover reaches its key audiences. The total number of conversions in the bidding folders increased by 22.7% and BizCover’s CPL has consistently stayed within 3-5% of their set target when comparing data between April 2017 and April 2016.

Prior to working with Marin Software, BizCover’s team spent in excess of 5 hours a week manually managing its vast search account in Bing alone. Thanks to the time savings through Marin Software, BizCover is now able to reallocate resources to supporting other company marketing and business activities.

Marin Software’s high touch customer service support and its delivery of ongoing counsel to BizCover’s internal team continues to ensure the company reaches and exceeds its digital marketing objectives.

  • 22.7% YoY increase in conversions
  • 100+ hours saved in ad management across Google and Bing
  • Maintained BizCover’s CPL within its target range by 3-5%