A few words about Boursorama & Nextedia

Boursorama is one of the leaders in France on the online banking market, but also at the same time an information portal on the financial markets and the latest news in the sector.

Nextedia is a digital marketing consulting agency that deals with all marketing, production and digital management issues for the optimization of customer relationship performance and the digital transformation of companies.

Nextedia has supported Boursorama since 2006 and successfully manages its SEA campaigns for the Online Banking section.

We have been working with Boursorama since 2006 and with Marin Software since 2013, a partnership recently renewed until 2018 in view of the results obtained. The constant innovation that Marin brings and the ergonomics of its interface also allow us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by adapting the many features of Marin Software to our internal practices.

Gildas Marot
Acquisition Director at Nextedia

The challenge: Manage a high volume of data and follow the journey of each customer

The financial sector is extremely competitive and regularly sees the arrival of new players within it. This translates into an increase in costs per click and in fact the need to enrich the long tail and develop other ad networks such as Bing and Yahoo.

The manual management of campaigns quickly comes up against human capacities for handling and optimizing a large volume of data. This difficulty is established both at the structural level (editorial, extension of keyword lists, targeting management) and at the performance level (daily optimization of auctions). To stay in the game, it's also crucial to understand the user journey and monitor performance closely.

The challenge is to identify the incremental audiences generated via Search and to follow them from their first visit to the conversion into an active customer.

The solution :

Nextedia opted for Marin Software in order to meet different needs:

  • Performance monitoring up to the end customer: Be able to export the unique identifiers (ID) of conversions and make the correspondence within the Boursorama CRM.
  • Bidding optimization: Achieve the objectives of new customers while respecting an acquisition cost adjusted by product by relying on Marin automatic bidding.
  • Granular management: Automation of dashboards and reporting.
  • Management by exception: focus only on risky elements thanks to customizable alerts.
  • Synchronized management of campaigns on different advertising networks: Nextedia intends to use the SmartSync function allowing it to automatically replicate changes made on Google to Bing.
  • Save time in optimizing campaigns: Marin's functionalities allow Nextedia to make changes more quickly and simply and to be as responsive as possible.
  • Flexibility and simplicity for conversion tracking with Marin's URL Builder.

The results :

Nextedia has improved its results and reduced the time dedicated to campaign management to focus on strategic and innovative tasks with high added value.
It is thanks to the Marin Dimensions and the tool's automation capabilities that this time has indeed been drastically reduced.
This functionality allows each element of a campaign to be labeled transversally without being subject to the constraints inherent in the structure of the campaigns themselves.
The agency can now easily and quickly extract statistics on certain promotions or on specific variables with a few clicks. Doing a “find / replace” is as easy as with a native tool.
This also made it possible to develop strategies on Boursorama's secondary products.
Based on historical data, the Marin algorithm dedicated to auction automation ensures the identification of the best possible bid, including on the long tail.
This activation encouraged an increase in the share of votes on all Boursorama products (Bank account, Real Estate Credit, Life Insurance, Stock Exchange, etc.) while controlling one objective per product (CPL).

Numbers :

The results are clearly present:

  • + 26% growth in the number of "leads" generated
  • Reduced acquisition cost: - 4.78%
  • Increased profitability with an evolution of the conversion rate of + 24%
  • These excellent results were obtained in a particularly delicate context of increased competition, a phenomenon which resulted in a 12.7% increase in CPCs and a 17.7% decrease in the average position.
  • Significant time savings: Thanks to the Webquery reports of Marin Software's customizable and automated reports, reporting time has been reduced from 3 hours per week to a few minutes , the remainder being now allocated to analysis and strategy.