Paris, France
  • Visibility across channels
  • 20% time-savings on campaign management
  • Simpler, clearer reporting


Europcar is the European leader in rental car services, offering its clients access to the first global rental car network. Through its own operations, franchises and partnerships, Europcar is present in over 140 countries. They are supported by 6,500 staff committed to customer satisfaction, and an average fleet of 190,000 vehicles. Europcar is also committed to corporate social responsibility, and proudly won in 2010 and again in 2011 the World Travel Award for the World’s Leading Green Transport Solution Company in recognition of being the greenest company in the transport sector. Europcar is owned by Eurazeo.

Europcar has been using NetBooster’s services since January 2011. NetBooster and Europcar are partners across all e-marketing levers including SEA, SEO, display branding and ROI, ad exchanges, affiliation, and more.

Marin Enterprise has allowed us to improve the effectiveness of our campaigns – quicker, streamlined, while giving us more control.

Yann Gabay
Managing Director at Netbooster


Given the coverage of its network of branches, Europcar currently positions itself on some 500,000 unique keywords that it manages on Google, Yahoo! and Bing. The main challenge was to rationalise the management of the campaigns across the three channels while generating consolidated reports. The following demonstrate the difficulties encountered in managing the campaigns from an operational perspective prior to Marin’s involvement:

  • No clear view of overall day-to-day performance
  • Lack of visibility across channels
  • Difficulty in optimising all three publishers at the same time
  • Insufficient scope to enable the monitoring of data by theme


NetBooster decided to use Marin Software to manage Europcar’s campaigns in order to take advantage of their campaign management tools and their ability to generate reports quickly. Thanks to Marin’s dashboard function, information that is crucial to the running of the campaigns is instantly refreshed on a daily basis. It is fully customizable thanks to a system of widgets that enable the identification of campaigns or strategic keywords in the blink of an eye.

The management of multi-channel campaigns is greatly simplified. Thanks to a single template system, it is possible to duplicate campaigns quickly, refine granularity by using the group segmentation tool or the replace function, and track sitelinks. New campaigns are generated on Google, Yahoo! or Bing within a few clicks. By combining the flexibility of the view builder and the web query reporting facility offered by Marin, NetBooster is now able to produce simple reports in a readable format in a matter of minutes – the time needed to create a report for each geographical region is also greatly reduced.

The search team now spends less time on the operational management of campaigns as well as reports and budgets; it can therefore focus on the optimisation of keywords and the development of techniques for improving search marketing campaigns.


  • Visibility across channels
  • Increased operational efficiency, a time saving of at least 20% per month on managing campaigns
  • Simpler, clearer reporting resulting in a time-savings of about 2 hours each month
  • Continuous improvement of recorded conversions through a granular management of campaigns