Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 10.5% lift in conversions
  • 2.4% decrease in average CPC
  • 10.4% decrease in average CPA

Providing Clean and Secure Self-Storage Units Across the US

Extra Space Storage is the second largest provider of self-storage units and management companies in the US. Founded in 1977 in Salt Lake City, Extra Space Storage currently has 1,071 facilities across 35 states, including Washington DC and Puerto Rico. Extra Space Storage is a growth-oriented company creating a new standard in the self-storage industry that benefits both customers and the communities they’re located in. Featuring attractive, convenient, and secure facilities operated by professional managers, Extra Space Storage seeks to change the association of self storage as a temporary holding place for rarely-used things to a desirable, safe, and customer-oriented facility perfectly suited for maintaining and accessing valued personal and business possessions. Since 2004, Extra Space Storage is a publicly traded company on the NYSE.

Using Marin to manage our new complex campaign structure in Bing quickly provided us with 10.5% more conversions at 10.4% lower cost. With all data from various publishers coming together in one platform, we are able to create powerful reports and find valuable opportunities while adhering to our budget.

Mike Smith
Interactive Marketing Manager at Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage seeks to increase conversion volume with Bing

With operations spanning the country, Extra Space Storage is consistently looking to lower the acquisition cost of new customers, while factoring occupancy, lifetime value, and budget. In an effort to achieve this, Extra Space Storage had been expanding their advertising strategy across multiple publishers for years, but needed to be able to efficiently manage millions of keywords in multiple advertising publishers. Additionally, Extra Space Storage wanted an easy way to identify the most profitable keywords and bid them up. With Marin, they have been able to leverage the platform’s robust cross publisher support, smart bidding algorithms, and tight partnerships with the major advertising publishers.

To help lower CPC and CPA costs, decrease competition, and reach a broader audience, Extra Space Storage has been advertising with Bing for a number of years. Within 2 months, Extra Space Storage noticed an increase of 10.5% in conversions and a 10.4% decrease in CPA.

Flexible Bidding and Reporting

Prior to using Marin, the biggest obstacles that Extra Space Storage faced with their Search advertising was dealing with reporting constraints, bidding limitations, and difficulties with bulk optimization and editing. Through Marin, Extra Space Storage has been able to customize their reports with web query reports, Dimensions, and custom columns, as well as organize their bids by custom business segments/goals with folders. Extra Space Storage was also able to experience time savings through the use of bulk sheets and scheduled actions for bidding.

Achieving desired results

Since onboarding with Marin, Extra Space Storage has been able to optimize across accounts and publishers in a streamlined manner, as well as bid more intelligently by focusing on their most profitable keywords. With bidding through folders in Marin, Extra Space Storage has been able to shift from bidding to position to now being able to bid based on financial and conversion factors. Factoring the improvements in bidding and reporting, along with the lift in conversions from advertising on Bing, Extra Space Storage is now spending with more increased efficiency than ever before.