Phoenix, AZ
  • 85% lower CPM
  • 72% lower CPA
  • 53% improvement in ROI
  • Eliminated manual deduping and gained accurate attribution

A One-of-a-Kind Hotel Experience

IBC Hotels prides itself in introducing travelers to unique, locally owned hotels all over the world. IBC member hotels are as unique as the owners who run them.

Founded by independent hoteliers, IBC is a leading cloud-based technology platform with collection benefits for independent and boutique hotels, that allow hotels to attract and reach guests with tools to optimally operate their hotel.

One of the largest independent hotel companies – with 6,300+ members representing 170 countries and over 2,000,000 rooms and suites – IBC’s value-added amenities, resort locations, and “InnDependent Inncentives” rewards program attract boutique hoteliers and adventurous world travelers alike.

When we put our site variables into Marin Display’s Site Tracking Tag, everything worked the first time. We got the order IDs and revenue value, and everything matched. It makes my job a lot easier, and now I don’t have to spend all day combing through spreadsheet after spreadsheet, trying to figure out where a booking value came from because it’s nowhere in my system. Also, the Client Services Team is responsive and helpful, and much more interested in helping us beyond, ‘Read our Help Center’.

Kevin High
Digital Marketing Manager at IBC Hotels

In Search of Accurate Attribution

In addition to driving top line revenue and bottom line profits through bulk purchasing power, IBC’s goals are to create value for their members by managing campaigns for their roster of independent hotels, and to drive traffic and reservations. For IBC, success means cost-efficient bookings and a return on advertising spend.

The challenge for IBC was to simplify their retargeting strategies and tactics to increase efficiency and ROI, and to accurately attribute results. But, with more than one retargeting partner, it wasn’t possible to efficiently and accurately track and dedupe conversions without a time-consuming manual effort. Since IBC makes commission on each acquired booking, it was crucial to accurately attribute the source of their conversions and revenue.

Lacking the right tracking to measure reach and frequency, post-click vs. post-view metrics, and attribution with their current vendor, without this accurate data, IBC was reluctant to expand their audience reach and increase spend.

A Single Stop for Tracking, Reach, and Attribution

IBC implemented Marin Display – with its Site Tracking Tag – to build audiences for retargeting across channels and devices. IBC found Marin Display’s tracking solution worked flawlessly and was easier to implement than their previous retargeting solution.

The Site Tracking Tag allowed IBC to automatically collect important information such as order ID and revenue, and to easily attribute conversions. IBC could then effortlessly access this data and export it.

Using Marin Display, IBC Hotels optimized their retargeting funnel, which enabled them to bring back visitors considering making a reservation at a lower CPA. In addition, Marin Display’s transparent conversion reporting tool allowed IBC Hotels to attribute conversions accurately back to their own internal reporting. This helped IBC streamline their process for attributing conversions across multiple marketing channels, which saved them time and gave them a better understanding of their conversion funnel.

A Rewarding Experience

Not only did IBC immediately realize a lower CPM, they were able to attribute more bookings over a 1.5-month period than using their previous retargeting solution within a similar timeframe. Marin’s more intuitive and in-depth reporting and analysis tools provided the insights needed to save time and money, ultimately enabling IBC to build additional targeted campaigns.

Specific results include:

  • 85% lower CPM
  • 72% lower CPA
  • 53% improvement in ROI
  • Eliminated manual deduping and gained accurate attribution