United Kingdom
  • Increased CTR by 12% and reduced CPC by 7% across motor insurance campaign
  • Increased margin 14% across all insurance campaigns
  • Seamlessly combined audience intent and attribution for financial lift

About Money Supermarket

As the UK’s leading price comparison website, MoneySuperMarket helps customers save money on household bills by allowing them to compare a wide range of products to find the ones most suited for their needs. Their size enables them to offer customers exclusive, market-leading deals, including some unavailable directly to consumers. To acquire more customers, MoneySuperMarket operates a performance media program across search and programmatic display via a team of 15 digital marketing professionals.

MoneySuperMarket is the first UK advertiser to leverage sophisticated audience data management to inform search retargeting and in doing so have truly embraced data as a cross-channel competitive advantage. MoneySuperMarket has been a pioneer in the use of technology for marketing. Their integration of Marin with other technologies has highlighted them as one of the most advanced users of Marin and helped them overcome two major industry challenges: integrating audience and intent data together for search marketing, and proving that attribution can generate additional profit.

Jon Myers
VP & Managing Director, EMEA, Marin Software

Addressing Rising CPC and Shrinking Margins

As a result of rising CPC and shrinking margins, MoneySuperMarket recognized the need to invest in their own marketing technology stack. Their paid search campaigns enabled them to capture customers’ intent, while first-party data provided insight into consumers’ demographics, interests, and behavior. MoneySuperMarket understood that marrying intent-based data with rich, audience-oriented data would enable greater visibility into performance and lead to smarter optimization decisions.

Without an integrated attribution solution, MoneySuperMarket struggled to validate measured increases in paid search revenue and profit. Furthermore, technological inefficiencies limited their ability to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of last-click and multi-click attribution models. To prove their marketing efforts were driving financial lift, and to optimize their paid search program using both last-click and multi-click attribution, MoneySuperMarket needed an attribution and paid search management solution that seamlessly interfaced with each other.

Tapping Into Audience Data and Effective Attribution

MoneySuperMarket partnered up with Marin Software, BlueKai, and Adometry to address their marketing sophistication. With access to policy renewal dates for over 1.3M customers and the login status for their customers, MoneySuperMarket is able to provide their Data Management Platform (DMP), BlueKai, with a rich feed of audience-oriented data. This information, integrated with their paid search campaigns through Marin Software’s Audience Connect, allows MoneySuperMarket to build Google Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) that increase bids on expensive insurance keywords for customers with renewal dates within the next 30 days. Furthermore, by reducing bids on all keywords for customers who have logged into their account within a certain level of recency, RLSA enables MoneySuperMarket to reduce wasted ad spend due to navigational searches.

Marin’s flexible conversion tracking solution enables MoneySuperMarket to stitch multiple sets of conversion data together through a tailored blend of attribution models. Combining their first-party last-click attribution data and algorithmic multi-click attribution data captured by Adometry, MoneySuperMarket optimizes their paid search program using an attribution model that factors in customers’ path-to-conversion over multiple browsing sessions and searches. Rather than relying on a last-click model, MoneySuperMarket now automatically optimizes keyword bids based on how ad clicks influence or do not influence future search behavior and downstream revenue.

7% Decrease in CPC and Increased Gross Profit

By bridging the gap between intent-based and audience-oriented data, Marin Software and BlueKai enabled MoneySuperMarket to increase CTR by 12% and reduce CPC by 7% across their motor insurance campaign. Furthermore, margin increased 14% across all insurance campaigns, driving incremental gross profit over a 12 month period. Based on the results to date and the rollout across MoneySuperMarket’s top 10 product categories, these integrated solutions are expected to generate a year-over-year increase in gross profit in excess of 15%.