• 25% increase in conversions
  • 20% decrease in CPC
  • Saving 3,500 hours per year managing bids


Nissan is a leading Japanese automaker and the world’s largest producer of electric vehicles, with its innovative plug-in electric Nissan Leaf. OMD EMEA supports Nissan’s efforts to increase brand awareness and engagement with paid search ads on Google and Bing. Their goal is to drive qualified visits to the respective Nissan sites in 22 markets across Europe. The OMD EMEA team develops strategy and targets in tandem with Nissan centrally, and ensures local teams execute and optimize the campaigns in adherence to central strategy through their governance program.

Marin’s bidding took on the challenge of implementing a complex, centralized strategy across 22 local markets and was able to drive significant conversion growth while lowering our cost per conversion.

Andreas Antypas
Group Account Director, EMEA / OMD EMEA


The central challenge for the Nissan and OMD EMEA teams has always been to strike a fine balance between the centralized strategic big picture, and the nuanced local level optimization. In addition to ensuring local search managers align with the centralized strategy, reporting, and optimization approach, there is the additional pressure of delivering efficiencies in a highly competitive landscape while expanding Nissan’s presence based on tight visibility targets.

The OMD local markets needed a tool that would enable them to deliver against seemingly conflicting targets—efficiency and visibility—by managing highly complex and expanded paid search accounts.

The Approach

Utilizing Marin’s centralized reporting capabilities, the OMD EMEA team tested Marin’s algorithmic bidding on a select number of accounts and was able to discern a positive effect of algorithmic versus manual bidding. Marin’s algorithmic solution proved versatile enough to support different targets for different car models and user intent signals, while being intelligent enough to deliver real-world performance improvements.

Based on the initial tests, OMD EMEA in collaboration with Marin worked on a comprehensive bidding strategy aligned with Nissan’s strategy and applicable across all 22 markets.

The team started by mapping all of its search campaigns in different Marin bidding folders by car segment and campaign objective. The folders were set to preview mode with a cost-per-lead (CPL) objective in order to assess the performance impact before the launch. OMD and Nissan were able to see the bids that Marin calculated and review suggested changes.

During that time, the central teams in charge of the project followed progress, market by market, with the help of the Marin Customer Success team and regularly generated bidding insight reports. Once the local markets and the central team were happy with the bidding setup, the folders were set to push bids to the publisher.

The Results

Three months after the bidding strategies were turned on EMEA wide, the performance teams saw conversions increase by 25%, while cost per conversion fell by 20%.

The central team and local markets are now cumulatively saving 3,500 hours per year managing bids.