Message Booster for Instagram

Automatically convert high-performing organic content to paid ads


Automating message boosting with MarinOne

Promoting your organic content on Instagram is a great way to leverage well-performing posts to reach more prospective customers, but tracking your engagement and creating ads can be very time consuming, especially if you are managing multiple Instagram accounts. 

MarinOne’s Message Booster for Instagram analyzes the performance and content of organic posts and automatically transforms the best ones into ads. Automating this content promotion and campaign creation can save you hours of manual work. 

MarinOne’s Rules engine allows you to create paid ads at scale across multiple clients and accounts based on the criteria you define for engagement levels, boost duration, and budget by rule or by post. You can then leverage custom audiences to reach consumers similar to those you are already reaching with organic content.  

MarinOne’s Message Booster for Instagram gives you:

  • A fast and simple interface
  • Time savings
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Automated content promotion rules
  • A holistic view into community engagement data and insights
  • Management of several Instagram accounts in a single platform 
  • Extended reach to new audiences

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