Marin Software and Mercent Deliver Inventory-Driven Paid Search Campaigns


Marin Software and Mercent Deliver Inventory-Driven Paid Search Campaigns

Partnership ensures retailers link paid-search campaigns to seasonal merchandise and shifting inventory.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA September 27, 2012— Marin Software, provider of the leading digital ad management platform for advertisers and agencies, today announced a partnership with Mercent™, a leading technology company that enables retailers to profitably reach and convert more shoppers online. Through the partnership, large brand named retailers now have the ability to link paid-search campaigns to product catalog and inventory data maintained in Mercent’s award-winning SaaS retail technology platform, resulting in increased efficiency, improved shopper experiences, and revenue gains.

News Facts:

  • In the competitive and complex world of online advertising, retailers struggle to keep up with seasonal merchandise and ever-expanding product catalogs. Building out paid search campaigns manually to match products is not only time consuming, but also error prone in the face of constantly changing inventory levels and prices. Marin Software and Mercent deliver increased efficiencies and paid search campaign effectiveness and profitability for online retail advertisers.
  • Marin’s Dynamic Campaigns capability automates the process of generating and managing paid search campaigns based on a feed of current product inventory data. Mercent Retail™ eliminates the challenge of creating and managing complex data feeds across online promotional and sales channels that include eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, affiliate networks, comparison shopping networks, etc. Through a new turnkey export of product data from Mercent to Marin, joint customers can efficiently deploy inventory-based paid search campaigns that results in increased revenues, improved responsiveness to market changes, and greater customer satisfaction.
  • Additionally, through this partnership, Mercent Performance Services (Mercent’s agency arm) will leverage the Marin Software platform to manage search and social campaigns for several Mercent customers. Mercent can combine its retail online data feed, promotions and sales with Marin’s digital ad management capabilities to deliver enterprise-class search marketing services to retailers.
  • Marin Software provides advertisers and agencies with the world’s leading digital ad management platform for search, social, display, and mobile marketing. On average, Marin customers report financial lift of 20% or more as a result of deploying Marin.


  • “By integrating Mercent’s data feed with Marin Software we’re much more responsive to customer demand with our paid search campaigns,” said Chris Keating, Vice President of SEO, Conversion Optimization and Data Feeds at Performics. “Prior to deploying Marin’s Dynamic Campaigns with Mercent’s feed management technology, adjusting paid search campaigns according to inventory levels was a very challenging and time-consuming process. Now, for example, should inventory fall below a predefined level, Marin Software will automatically cease a campaign or rotate a new one in.”
  • “For retailers, aligning search marketing campaigns with large, ever-changing product sets is a daunting task, especially if done manually through Excel,” said Matt Lawson, Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships at Marin Software. “Marin Software automates much of the process and by partnering with Mercent retailers are able to efficiently synchronize paid search with product inventory data feeds, leading to more dynamic, revenue generating campaigns.”
  • Mercent Chairman and CEO Eric Best commented, “Mercent Retail™ simplifies the complexities of paid search for retail marketers, enabling them to efficiently execute campaigns that deliver true financial lift, increased time savings and deeper performance insights. We are excited to support an expanded portfolio of online retailers through our Marin Software partnership.”
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