Marin Software: Cross-Device and Image-Based Shopping Ad Campaign Investment Crucial for Retailers During Q4 2015



Retail data analysis shows mobile shoppers accounting for larger CTR during the holiday season

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – (Marketwired – September 17, 2015) Marin Software Incorporated (NYSE: MRIN), provider of a leading cross-channel performance advertising cloud for advertisers and agencies, today released findings outlining the impact of mobile devices on shopping ad click-through rates (CTRs), and forecasting that at least 45% of all shopping ad clicks will be on a smartphone this holiday season.

In its report, Google and Bing Shopping Ads Report: Current Trends and What Lies Ahead, Marin also shows that 2015 holiday shoppers will engage more with image-based shopping ads versus text. The 2014 shopping season saw that one in four clicks was on an image-based ad. Combined with mobile, this represents a decreased cost-per-click (CPC) for retail advertisers, with smartphones representing less than half the CPC of ads on desktops and tablets.

Increased predictions for Q4 2015 smartphone CTR are based on past consumer behavior during the critical holiday season in 2014, coupled with an overall increase in smartphone CTR thus far in 2015. More specifically, while desktops had a strong 25% increase in clicks during November and December, smartphone clicks increased almost 90% between January and December.

“This is the kind of data analysis that retail marketers can use immediately in anticipation of the upcoming holiday season,” said John McNulty, Head of Global Marketing at Marin Software. “As more and more consumers move to mobile, we’re seeing the same shift in their on-the-go purchasing behaviors. What’s eye opening for us is the heightened effectiveness of image-based shopping ads over text during the holiday season. With publishers like Google, Bing, and Facebook all making shopping ad platforms the norm, ad campaign strategies will no doubt echo this trend.”

Marin Software’s shopping ad data findings, as well as the latest best-practices in retail performance marketing, are available in Google and Bing Shopping Ads Report: Current Trends and What Lies Ahead, which can be downloaded at:

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