Marin Software Finds Cyber Monday Most Profitable Day for Online Retailers


Marin Software Finds Cyber Monday Most Profitable Day for Online Retailers

Marin Software’s Annual Online Marketer’s Guide for the Holidays reveals early search and shopping trends among consumers

San Francisco, CA October 24, 2011 - Marin Software, provider of the leading online advertising management platform for advertisers and agencies, today released the 2011 Online Marketer’s Guide for the Holiday, a series of recommendations for online retailers based off online advertising data taken from the 2010 season. According to Marin’s findings, Cyber Monday edged out Black Friday as the most profitable day for online retailers, with four of the top five days for paid search conversions occurring in November 2010, suggesting shoppers will begin their search for holiday gifts early in 2011.

Paid Search Key Findings:

  • Marin Software saw online revenues resulting from paid search during the 2010 holiday season increase by 52% compared to 2009 based on a longitudinal or same-store-sales basis. Online retailers spent more on paid search in 2010 as a result of increased search volumes and higher keyword prices; however, the higher costs were offset by the gains in revenue, indicating a strong return on investment for advertisers.
  • Marin Software found in the last two months of 2010 paid search impressions jumped 20 percent, click through rates (CTR) increased 32 percent, and revenue per click jumped 28 percent, as a result of consumers turning to search to fulfill holiday shopping needs.
  • November 2010 delivered four of the top five shopping days with Cyber Monday gaining the highest volume of sales from paid search. Thanksgiving Day saw the highest CTR rate of the entire holiday season, implying shoppers are highly engaged and starting their Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping ahead of time.
  • Marin Software’s Online Marketer’s Guide for the Holiday contains Ten Tips for 2011 to help advertisers maximize their online marketing campaigns for the holidays. Tips include how to create a boost schedule, appropriate use of negative keywords, developing a mobile strategy, using YouTube to extend reach, and others.

A webinar on the report will also be held on Tuesday, November 1 and attendees can sign up at:


“We expect shopper behaviors this holiday season to follow a similar trend as last year – more online shopping earlier,” said Matt Lawson, Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships at Marin Software. “The retailer that best takes advantage of online consumer tendencies to shop early stands a better chance of elevating their message above the competition. Marin Software offers retailers a powerful and easy to use platform specifically designed to make management of seasonality and trends more efficient, helping advertisers to realize financial lift during the critical holiday period.”

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