Marin Software Survey Results Show 70% of Leading Marketers Advertise on Search and Social Platforms


Marin Software Survey Results Show 70% of Leading Marketers Advertise on Search and Social Platforms

SAN FRANCISCO, CA May 15, 2017 — Marin Software Incorporated (NYSE: MRIN), a leading provider of cross-channel, cross-device, enterprise marketing software for advertisers and agencies, today released its report, Digital Advertising 2017. Among other findings, the report shows that 70% of leading digital marketers are advertising on search and social channels, and that with no signs of slowing down, mobile is increasingly capturing the lion’s share of advertising budgets.

Marin Software interviewed 500 digital marketing managers from leading agencies and brands around the world to discover the trends, opportunities, and challenges they face in 2017. The report reveals Marin’s research results, and includes guidance for marketers looking to capitalize on the latest intelligence and trends.

The report discusses a number of insights, including:

  • Mobile ad spend: Marketing budgets are following the eyeball shift from traditional channels to mobile. Marin examines this trend and discusses the ROI potential of different mobile strategies.
  • Overlooked revenue: Marin explores the implications of the industry’s lack of expertise in the face of new features and products, and the opportunity this presents to those willing to learn and leverage new tools and channels.
  • Top priorities and aspirational goals: Marketers have taken notice of consumer willingness to try the newest video, voice, and augmented reality technologies coming to market. It also identifies content marketing as a top priority.

“It’s no surprise that Facebook and Google collectively represent the biggest share of online traffic,” said Patrick Hutchison, Product Marketing Manager for Search at Marin Software. “Marketers view each channel as important in its own right, but are finding new ways to coordinate them while shortening the learning curve for new technologies. This is an exciting time for forward-thinking marketers to tap into the opportunities and plan for future success.”


Digital Advertising 2017:

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