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MarinOne Optimizes your Instacart Featured Products

Instacart Ads help brands attract and engage customers directly at the Point of Sale, from click to cart to checkout journey.

  • How do you make sure your products stand out from the competition?
  • Are you missing any opportunities for better performance?
  • Are your Instacart efforts coordinated with other marketing channels such as Google, Facebook or Pinterest?

Improved performance

By leveraging MarinOne advanced automated bidding, Instacart advertisers can significantly improve the performance of their campaigns.

Advanced Analytics & BI Solution

Through alerting, insights, dashboarding and data connectors, advertisers can fully analyze their Instacart Ads.

Powerful Reporting

  • Advanced Analytical Grids providing flexible reporting within and across Instacart Campaigns with unlimited data retention
  • Cross-channel reporting for paid media channels includes Search, Social, Display and E-Commerce
  • Custom columns to define the KPIs that matter to your business
  • Easy data visualization and Powerful Dashboards
  • Automated Data Export Capabilities (Excel, Google Sheet)
  • Seamless integration with BI Tools (Tableau, Google Data Studio, etc)
  • Automated Alerting Based on changes in account performance

Optimization Suite

  • Automated bidding to large array of business goals (Cost per purchase, Return on Ad Spend, Weighted KPIs etc) leveraging advanced machine learning
  • Custom Bid Modifiers enables MarinOne bidding to adjust to external signals
  • Product A/B Testing to identify the best performing Products
  • Budget Pacing and Forecasting to help the most out your investments
  • Performance Insights and Recommendations

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