Retail and Marketplace Advertising

Amazon Ads and other marketplaces have become a must have for brands. MarinOne accelerates your retail-focused advertising, including marketplaces, paid search, and social.

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Unified Platform

Single interface for measuring, managing and optimizing all your marketplace advertising programs.

Complements Amazon's Campaign Manager

Extends the capabilities of Amazon’s Campaign Manager to give you an edge on your competitors. Supports all major ad formats.

  • Sponsored Products
  • Sponsored Brands
  • Sponsored Display
  • Amazon DSP
  • Google Shopping Campaigns
  • Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Powerful Reporting

Quickly understand performance with a customizable cross-channel dashboard.

Top Campaigns Reporting


Predict results at various levels of spend across publishers and campaign objectives (ex. Brand Awareness vs Direct Response).

Sales Reporting

Automated Bidding

Outflank competitors for visibility with intraday bidding. Marin’s Automated Bidding tools are powered by Machine Learning and are compatible with Amazon publisher bid strategies. Bid towards All Sales, while also setting a bonus value for Sales from new Customers.

Campaign Forecasting Report
Campaign Reporting & Filtering


Optimize to different stages in the customer journey, including Detailed Page Views and New to Brand

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"We saw solid results using MarinOne Bidding to optimize our Shopping campaigns. MarinOne kept us more efficient and profitable."
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"We saw solid results using MarinOne Bidding to optimize our Shopping campaigns. MarinOne kept us more efficient and profitable."
I’m amazed at the performance lift Marin Bidding was able to deliver. Upon flipping the switch, we saw almost immediate results: more clicks, more conversions, and lower CPCs. We’re thrilled with the results.
Chetna Wagjiani
Marketing Executive, SmartBox UK Ltd.
We switched from driving paid search traffic to our eCommerce site to driving it to an Amazon Store page. The results showed an increase in metrics across-the-board – clicks, revenue, and average order value all improved dramatically. Without Marin’s Amazon Attribution solution, it wouldn’t have been possible.
Justin Tefft
VP Operations
The bid management in MarinOne is essential to our rapidly growing search environment and allows us the control and transparency we need to maintain competitive advantage and meet our goals. In addition, by having both search and social in MarinOne, we have better collaboration across teams.
Nick Pacini
Paid Search Manager
Marin’s solution has been the key to optimizing our campaign KPIs. We saw an impressive performance increase right after we rolled out Marin’s automated bidding option. Marin’s tools delivered fast results and helped us to save valuable time by not having to manually adjust bids.
Caroline Pachacz
Performance Marketing Supervisor Mason Interactive

Promotional Calendar

Maximize performance during sales with proactive adjustments based on your promotional calendar.

Promotional Calendar to Maximise Sales
A/B Testing

Ad Study Tool

Manage ‘always-on’ ad studies for campaigns, across accounts, via our Ad Study Tool. Our Ad Study tool facilitates A/B tests, four cell tests, and can report results as determined by any measurement source.

Campaign Reporting & Filtering

Bulk Upload

Launch campaigns across Amazon accounts using our Bulk Upload tool.

Marketplace Signals

Tie ad performance to marketplace statistics including reviews, rating, inventory status, and price.

Rules Filtering
Automation & Workflows Features with MarinOne


Automatically respond to changing conditions with our powerful rules engine.

Amazon Attribution

Link Facebook and Google Advertising conversions on Amazon with Amazon Attribution.

Purchase Funnel

New Insights

Automatically identify and implement opportunities to grow revenue and decrease costs with MarinOne Insights. The estimated impact helps prioritize your efforts.

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Comparative Analytics

Interactive reporting with change columns, custom metrics, and comparison charts.

Unlimited Data Retention

Simple Year-over-year and Quarter-over-quarter analysis with unlimited data retention.

Keyword Expansion

Identify new keywords for increased volume and negatives to avoid wasted spend with Automated Keyword Expansion.

Keyword Expansion Feature

We eat, sleep, and breathe digital marketing. Get an unbiased view into your retail advertising campaigns when you work with us. It’s our mission to help you win new customers, revenue, and ROI.

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