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How to Develop a Successful Marketing Strategy with Instagram Stories

Social media users can’t get enough of Instagram Stories — and brands have taken notice. According to data from a recent benchmark report, Stories now accounts for 34 percent of total ad spend on the platform. And with the recent addition of Instagram’s checkout feature in beta, ad spend will only increase.

Join Facebook’s Product Growth Manager and Marin Software’s Senior Product Marketing Manager, Farah Shalwani on Thursday, June 27th at 10am BST to learn how digital advertisers can maximize customer engagement using the Instagram Stories ad format. In this webinar, they’ll discuss:

  • How businesses can better leverage Instagram for customer acquisition and retention
  • The quick and actionable customer insights you’ll need to start driving sales
  • The latest Instagram Stories features, as well as a closer look into Instagram Stories Analytics
  • Instagram’s e-commerce and checkout capabilities


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