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Marketing and finance can have very different perspectives on the company's budget. Marketing will look at the go to market strategy and determine where they allocate funds according to projected growth, while finance will see how much of the company's overall budget is being spent to support those marketing initiatives. Since both paradigms are completely valid and needed to keep a company afloat, it can often be difficult to sort out whether the right hand or the left should be making the final decisions in budgeting allocation.

To help you sort through the noise we've prepared a 45 minute webinar on: budget analysis methods for accurate projections, actionable tips for digital execution, and how to make the right ad spend and channel selections for your business.

Watch this webinar and learn how to:

  • Take a birds eye look at your marketing budgets 
  • Identify potential roadblocks in your marketing effectiveness for 2023
  • Establish realistic company goals
  • Assess performance and opportunities for each existing performance marketing channel
  • Determine how to pivot strategy for 2023 and explore new marketing frontiers

Brett Kahnke
Principal Analyst

Coming from a family of teachers, Brett is passionate about helping clients to learn new strategies and develop their internal capabilities to drive success. His research builds on more than 25 years of diverse experience in marketing, operations, analytics, and technology.

Anu Adegbola
Account Director
Marin Software

Anu has 12+ years of delivering digital marketing campaigns (mostly but not exclusively Paid Search) by building strategies, maximising ROI, automating repetitive processes and bringing efficiency from every part of marketing departments through inspiring leadership both on agency and client side.

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