2013 Google Shopping Ads Report

Read the White Paper
Read the White Paper

2013 Google Shopping Ads Report

Google Shopping Ads –2013 Annual Report

Product Listing Ads Deliver for Retailers

From October through December 2012, when Google first transitioned shopping results in the US, PLAs experienced an almost exponential growth in impressions and clicks. Since then, retailers have continued to embrace the richer and more engaging ad experience, providing online shoppers with highly relevant creative that include product details, images, and price.

To help search marketers prepare for the holiday season, this paper will examine the continued surge in PLA adoption and spend, and present four critical best practices for successfully deploying, managing, and optimizing PLA campaigns. Readers will be equipped with the knowledge necessary to meet the demand by online shoppers for a more relevant search experience, and to drive revenue outcomes using PLAs.

Download to learn:

  • How enhanced campaigns are impacting PLA performance
  • Why retailers are allocating more spend towards PLAs ahead of the holiday season
  • The significance of increasing CPCs despite a stall in click-share
  • Best practices on creating product targets and promotional text
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