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Read the White Paper

Finding Your Ideal Audience: Advertisers Get Smart About Customer Acquisition


You’d be hard-pressed to find a search marketer today who isn’t seeking a competitive advantage. But our data shows that two-thirds of digital marketers still aren’t implementing audience targeting techniques across their campaigns.

Why is this such a big deal? Put simply, layering “Audiences” on top of keywords drives better results than using keywords alone. The reason is compelling—audience targeting gives marketers a powerful tool to tailor their message and build highly relevant ad campaigns for different customer segments.

Download our guide, Finding Your Ideal Audience: Advertisers Get Smart About Customer Acquisition, to learn how to use Audiences to enhance performance in your digital marketing programs.

We cover different aspects of using Audiences to deliver exceptional results, including:

  • How leading marketers like eharmony and Ancestry use audience targeting
  • What audience tactics work for search, social, and cross-channel campaigns
  • Why audience targeting should be part of your current advertising strategy

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