Mobile Advertising Around the Globe: 2015 Annual Report

Read the White Paper
Read the White Paper

Mobile Advertising Around the Globe: 2015 Annual Report

Mobile Advertising Around the Globe- 2015 Annual Report

Working with many of the world’s largest and most sophisticated advertisers, our research uncovered many interesting trends that highlight the mobile imperative for digital advertisers.

Sampling the Marin Global Online Advertising Index, composed of advertisers who invest more than $7 billion in annualized ad spend on the Marin platform, we analyzed mobile data from 13 countries around the world to create this report.

Use this benchmark data to measure your current campaigns, or review it to help you optimize your campaign strategies.

The informative report includes 12 data charts covering important trends and topics, including:

  • Social, Search and Display click and spend share by device type
  • Global average conversion rate by device and channel
  • Six strategies for optimizing mobile campaigns across channels
  • The dramatic rise of mobile Display, where click share grew nearly 60% in 2014
  • Plus much more detailed analysis in this thorough report

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