Digital Advertising Trends 2021

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Digital Advertising Trends 2021

Top 10 trends in digital advertising in 2021

The start of a new year usually comes with some sort of look back and new resolutions – but after 2020 completely challenged our lives personally and professionally, that’s not an easy task. As global economies rebuild and the vaccine helps fight the spread of the virus, it’s time we take a step back and analyze what 2020 meant for digital marketers so we can understand where we’re heading next.

From Google reporting the first decline in ad revenue in its 26-year history, to TikTok booming and Amazon’s ad business growing 44% year-over-year, what does it all mean for your marketing strategies in the year ahead?

Find out as we highlight the digital marketing trends to watch in 2021, including:

  • Digital Marketing Changes Forever as Data Privacy Becomes Nonnegotiable
  • The Rise of Marketplaces
  • Quick Recovery from Short-Term Pains Prove Search Is Here to Stay
  • Don’t Overlook the Newbies of Social Media
  • Visual Search Goes Mainstream

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