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Read the White Paper

UK Digital Marketing Managers Census 2014

The digital marketing sector underwent huge shifts in the last 12-months. Marketers now operate in a multi-device world where new advertising channels are constantly evolving and increasing complexity. As the popularity of this industry continues to thrive, savvy marketers need to stay abreast of the challenges that lay ahead, which in many cases could mean the difference between shining achievement and ultimate letdown.

This census provides a view into the increasing complexity of a digital marketing manager’s job and forward-thinking notions on how these matters can be overcome, including:

  • How other’s are dealing with the growing complexity
  • Considerations on your company’s overall approach to marketing
  • Top five priorities to plan for in 2015

Get the UK Digital Marketing Managers Census 2014 in order to gain valuable insights into staying successful within the booming digital marketing industry.

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