MarinOne helped us maximize the results of PPC campaigns by giving a single view of the multi-channel accounts.
The interface is powerful and easy to use. It has helped us cut reporting time by 25%.

Marin enables us to scale our business by centralizing data and reporting for multiple shops across different markets. Marin’s bidding solution, whilst being highly automated and saving us a lot of time, also provides us with the insights we need to keep a grip on spend and performance across our entire portfolio.

I love the results, thank you for the [Automated Search Intent Audiences] feature!

Marin Software continues to innovate and improve its technology to drive better performance for our clients. Their MarinOne solution has saved us time reporting on our LinkedIn campaigns and also provided a significant performance uplift leveraging its bidding technology.

Marin has been a crucial partner for our business for many years. Their Cross- Channel platform has helped us scale our Search, Social, and Amazon accounts at a very rapid pace. Features like Automated Search Intent and Amazon Attribution have played a key role in our growth.

Marin has worked closely with us to understand our need, and has provided us with a tailored solution to a complex shopping campaign structure. This allowed us to become more efficient and scale successfully alongside the rapid growth of our business, while reducing the time we spend on management so we could focus on other areas of paid marketing.

Using Marin enabled us to scale rapidly, moving to Marin bidding quickly turned a low volume and extremely unprofitable account into a high volume profit making machine.

Marin is THE partner to work with when you work on sensitive data-driven projects: reliability, precision, professionalism, and kindness are their very appreciated strengths.

Centralizing our ad spend and revenue data in MarinOne has made what used to be a headache of a reporting process a breeze. We now link spend from Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Apple Search and more, saving us hours of work every month.

The UI is a lot more user friendly and it’s easier to navigate through, especially when viewing key metrics. I’m able to find bulk uploads more easily and the process of creating and tagging dimensions is much easier across MarinOne.

The arrival of MarinOne has been fantastic. The platform’s reporting capabilities are far superior to before, which really helps my day-to-day workflows. Thanks, Marin!

After three years, we continue to work with Marin because they simplify our day-to-day campaign monitoring and optimization, and help us hit our targets. Marin helps us demonstrate the value of PPC to our stakeholders, and we are thankful for their exceptional customer service.

Marin Insights identifies opportunities for growth and cost savings automatically across 19 different countries. There is no way we could have discovered everything manually. I trust the recommendations because they are based on our conversion data and our goals, not the publishers.

The Marin Customer Support team is great! They’ve helped me with many things over the years, both big and small. They’re always timely, efficient, knowledgeable, and perhaps most importantly, they get the job done.