United States
  • 47% increase in revenue during 12 week test period
  • 37% increase conversions during the test


Dagne Dover creates problem-solving bags – for all the problem-solving humans out there. Bags that keep, stay organized, and look good doing it. Their performance marketing agency, Mason Interactive, had been optimising their bidding using manual techniques when they decided to test an automated approach with Marin Software via bidding folders.

Marin’s solution has been the key to optimizing our campaign KPIs. We saw an impressive performance increase right after we rolled out Marin’s automated bidding option. Marin’s tools delivered fast results and helped us to save valuable time by not having to manually adjust bids.

Caroline Pachacz
Performance Marketing Supervisor Mason Interactive


As Dagne Dover’s inventory continued to expand, the Mason Interactive team wanted to replace its original strategy that required a manual approach to delivering marketing messages depending on different keywords, customer location and the type of device they were using.


In order to reduce time spent on manual optimisation, Mason Interactive decided to test the results of switching from Manual CPC to Marin’s algorithmic bidding, which uses a progressive lookback and rules-based logic to calculate bids and analyze a campaign’s performance in real time, resulting in optimal search bids based on each user’s context. They chose the Target ROAS automated bid strategy, layered with Google’s Enhanced CPC, to automatically set the right bid to help get the most conversions at the best cost per click within their daily budget


With the help of a new bidding algorithm that was fully automated, the Mason Interactive team was able to reach new levels of efficiency. As a result, Dagne Dover saw a 47% increase in revenue and 37% increase in conversions during the 12- week period following the bidding activation.