United States
  • 29% more conversions
  • 7% improvement to cost-per-click
  • 20% improvement to cost-per-acquisition (CPA)


Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Berlin, Marley Spoon operates 11 brands across 8 markets. and bring the best quality ingredients and recipes directly to your doorstep. They make cooking fast, fun and provide delicious meals for every night of the week.

The bid management in MarinOne is essential to our rapidly growing search environment and allows us the control and transparency we need to maintain competitive advantage and meet our goals. In addition, by having both search and social in MarinOne, we have better collaboration across teams.

Nick Pacini
Paid Search Manager


As a global company in a fast growing, highly competitive landscape, it was essential that Marley Spoon get the best performance possible from their digital marketing programs. They seeked an upgrade to their automated bidding solution that would provide incremental performance, visibility and efficiency that would allow them to aggressively grow.


Marley Spoon evaluated the market and selected MarinOne because of its world class optimization tools. They were excited by the ability to mix performance-based bidding (to a target CPA) with Awareness Targeting bid strategies to maximize their ad impressions and drive quality subscriptions within their CPL goal.

MarinOne Awareness Targeting

In a highly competitive landscape requiring brand keyword protection, the Marin Bidding team worked with Marley Spoon on a strategy to leverage Awareness Targeting and maintain impression rate throughout the day. In addition, the teams focused on account structure and performance targets across various campaigns to develop a tiered approach of maximizing exposure for match type.

MarinOne CPA Targeting

Bottom of funnel campaigns optimized to a target CPA, with the teams considering account structure. Flexibility of targets between match types allowed the bidding system to effectively invest and maximize performance.


In the four weeks after switching to MarinOne bidding, Marley Spoon saw a significant increase in performance and efficiency.

  • 29% more conversions
  • 7% improvement to cost-per-click
  • 20% improvement to cost-per-acquisition (CPA)