5 Tips for Successful Advertising on Amazon

November 7, 2019

As more advertisers flock to Amazon for its revenue-generating ad capabilities, the competition continues to heat up.

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Protect Your Turf

As in the paid search world, brands need to make sure they’re bidding on their own brand terms. If they don’t, competitors may see it as a conquest opportunity and muscle in on your territory.

Review Search Queries

Use the information in Amazon’s search term report to create new manual campaigns using keywords that aren’t covered in their automatic campaigns. You can add irrelevant queries as negative keywords, or even add negatives to specific ad groups if queries are showing up in the wrong ad group.

Build a Store

Brands must have a strong landing page for customers and potential customers being directed from external sites or from a Sponsored Brand ad. Like a corporate website, this may not be the responsibility of the person running paid media, but it’s important to make sure the advertising investment performs well by making sure customers have a solid brand experience on Amazon.

Rev Up Your Product Details Page

This is an important part of the conversion funnel, with plenty of space for brands to put quality content in front of shoppers—but there’s also room for Amazon to place things like a table comparing similar items. Brands are now investing in their own comparison charts, which show up a little higher on the page.

If a shopper is looking for a printer but the one they initially clicked isn’t right, the vendor can show its other printers in a chart comparing price and specifications—before the shopper gets to Amazon’s chart—which may lead them to a competitor’s product.

This also may not be the domain of the digital marketer, but brands should ensure a quality landing page experience to get the best ROI on their Amazon ad spend.

Test, Test, Test

Does it make more sense to show the brand logo or an image of the product? What should the wording in the headline be? Which products should be shown and how do the products line up with the keywords? As in all areas of digital marketing, testing is key.

Learn More

For more extensive guidance on setting up and optimizing your Amazon ad campaigns, along with real-world examples, download our guide, Ramp Up Your Amazon Ad Game: 5 Tips for Success. It covers:

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