How Marin’s Managed Services Team Helped Nautilus Pump Up Its ROI

September 12, 2019

Nautilus was working with an agency that used its own ad accounts to run Nautilus campaigns on Facebook. The agency “owned” the data and was reluctant to share any kind of historical performance.

Without any kind of first-party data to build valuable insights from and optimize towards, Nautilus was eager to partner with a team that could help them build an audience-aligned social marketing strategy. The goals:

  • Increase ROAS
  • Further validate the value of social
  • Gain full transparency into campaign metrics and performance

Marin’s Managed Services team introduced a three-part approach for better results:

  • Performance visibility: a reporting cadence and structure to regularly track campaign progress for more actionable insights
  • Less manual work, more strategy: a Mass Editor and DPA wizard that reduced time spent on manual campaign activities and combined manual elements of DPA creation into a single step
  • Hyper-targeted optimization: a full-funnel optimization strategy that reached the right customers at the right time, and created more personalized messaging and experiences

The results?

  • Exceeded the Nautilus ROAS KPI by 132% (US)
  • Exceeded the Nautilus ROAS KPI by 30% (Canada)
  • 388% increase from the initial ROAS goal

Learn more in our case study.

Maria Breaux

Marin Software
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