Automatically identify growth opportunities & wasted ad spend

Too much data? Too little insight?

Uniting all publishers in a single platform lets you focus on understanding, not compiling reports.

MarinOne Ad Management Software

Identify performance opportunities

Automatically identify and implement opportunities to grow revenue and decrease costs with MarinOne Insights. The estimated impact helps prioritize your efforts.

MarinOne Shareable Dashboards

Stay informed on changes to your accounts

Sleep well at night knowing that our Automated Alerts will notify you of any unusual activity in your accounts. MarinOne can automatically highlight large changes in performance so you don’t have to manually review your campaigns.

Automatic pivot tables

Roll-up data on multiple levels across accounts and publishers with MarinOne Dimensions.

Dimensions Analytics Report of MarinOne

Streamline reporting

Streamline reporting with shareable dashboards and customizable widgets. Reports can be accessed online or automatically emailed as recurring reports. Unlimited data retention for year-over-year comparisons.

MarinOne Ad Management Software

Integrate all your data

MarinOne pulls data from your web analytics, mobile tracking, CRM and more. We can also push your data where you need it: Excel, Google Sheets, BI Platforms or your data warehouse.

Define custom metrics

Custom columns let you use your own metrics to match how your business operates.

Campaign Reporting & Filtering

Additional capabilities

User-level Saved View
Currency Conversion
Day-over-day Comparison
Shareable Saved Views
Segmentation by Device
Week-over-week Comparison
Email Alerts
Unlimited Conversion Types
Year-over-year Comparison
Advanced Filters
Date of Click Reporting
Bar Charts
Absolute Change
Date of Conversion
Scatter Charts
% Change
Pie Charts