the challenge

Performance marketing data is noisy

Digital marketing moves fast, never stops, and produces too much data for marketers to act on the constant deluge. Marketers have to figure out ways to ingest a massive data set, make sense of it, and convey actionable insights before budget is wasted or an opportunity is missed.

Alerts aren’t enough

Efficiently managing accounts and campaigns across platforms is critical for performance marketers. However, identifying performance issues quickly in an overwhelming amount of data from many different sources can be a daunting task. While setting threshold-based alerts is an initial step, it can often result in false alarms, which consume valuable time and - like the boy who cried wolf - have diminishing returns.

You need to find the signal in the noise

To identify actual performance deviations, it’s important to analyze historical data over a relevant time frame, taking into consideration important context like seasonal trends and search traffic variations. Marin's Anomaly Detector offers a sophisticated solution to this challenge. This advanced automated system uses machine learning to pinpoint authentic performance anomalies across campaigns, accounts, or selected segments – such as country, campaign category, or product category.

Because it’s tailored to your specific business needs, Anomaly Detector can adjust for day-of-week seasonality, employ weekly averages, and benchmark against data from preceding weeks. It’s highly customizable, allowing you to hone in on the indicators that matter most to your objectives — whether that's detecting subtle shifts in stable brand campaigns or identifying significant discrepancies in more variable long-tail campaigns. With Marin's Anomaly Detector, you can ensure that your attention is focused on true, actionable performance insights, enabling more strategic decision-making and ultimately driving better results.

Anomaly Detector not only highlights critical performance data, but also leverages Generative AI by Open AI to translate these insights into plain English summaries delivered to your inbox. With Marin, you get the sophistication of AI-powered advanced analytics, translated into easy-to-understand insights, that can easily be shared and actioned on before the opportunity slips away.

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