the challenge

Do you know what AI is doing for you?   

Marin helps digital marketers save time by automating manual work, but we never want our users to feel like our AI is operating in a black box. Our automation summary dashboard lists every action our AI takes, so you can understand the changes being made to your account and the logic behind them.

Quantify the work being done for you

Marin is packed with customizable automations. We want you to know what’s happening, when, and most importantly, the impact on your campaigns. If you notice a change in the performance of a campaign, you need an easy way to get to the bottom of it. 

With Marin’s Automation Impact Dashboard, you can see exactly what actions Marin implemented and drill down into specifics to investigate deeper.

Understand the value of automation

It’s easy to take intelligent automation platforms for granted, so having a quick way to measure their ROI is key. It’s really important to understand what actions the system is doing on your behalf, but we take it a step further and tell you their value as well. For instance, we show the amount of revenue each automated process drives, giving you greater insight into the value these automations are driving to your bottom line. 

Want more transparency on your automations?

If you want to know more about what Marin’s doing behind the scenes, it’s already live in your system under Impact Summary in the Automate menu.

If you want to customize what it tracks, reach out to your Marin representative today – and if you aren’t yet on Marin, reach out to us to get started!