Connect your data to focus on the most profitable prospects and customers

Advanced measurement for a cookieless world

Measure conversions with Marin Tracker server-to-server, compatible with Apple and Google tracking restrictions.

Ad Setup

Optimize your inventory feed

Smartfeed organizes your inventory feed and syndicates to Amazon, Google Merchant Center, and Facebook Business Manager.

Eliminate duplicate conversions

Deduplicate conversions across publishers to accurately measure performance and reduce wasteful spend.

Deduplicate Conversions Across Publishers

Stay compliant with privacy regulations

Fully compliant with all privacy laws, (GDPR, CCPA, ICO) and we’ll keep an eye on whatever new laws come down the road.

Capture offline conversions

Bridge online advertising with downstream and offline conversions using Offline Connect conversion tracking to measure the true revenue impact and customer lifetime value.

Offline Connect Conversion Tracking

Optimize to lifetime value

Not all leads are created equal. Focus on the customers that are driving revenue by linking your CRM data and optimizing to downstream conversions and lifetime value.

Bid Strategy Reporting
Channel Connect

Connect more publishers

Gain a comprehensive view of data from other digital marketing channels with Channel Connect, including other display platforms and marketplaces

Your data, where you need it

Access your data where you need BI Connect. After stitching together cost and revenue data, we can automatically integrate with the BI / Visualization tool your company is already using.

MarinOne Analytics Integrations
MarinOne Audience Hub

Audiences that are fresh

Good targeting begins with with up-to-date audiences. Extend your reach by syncing audiences across publishers with AudienceHub.