the challenge

You can’t work 24/7. Late-night changes should happen automatically.

Scheduling changes to the status of campaigns, ads, and groups isn’t straightforward in the publisher tools, and often requires writing complex scripts. You need a solution that enables you to schedule objects with just a few clicks. And you don’t have time to hop between publisher tools to schedule each campaign. Do it in bulk, across channels with Marin.

Automatically activate and pause promotional campaigns

Got a sale going live at midnight? Don’t log on at 11:59 to enable your promotional campaigns. Instead, schedule the campaign to go live ahead of time with Marin’s scheduled actions. Then, take it a step further and add another action to pause the campaigns when the sale ends. You can layer play and pause rules on top of one another – scheduling campaigns to enable and pause over and over if you have a sale that comes and goes. There’s no limit to the number of actions that can be scheduled at once. 

Schedule ads across channels

Schedule ads to resume and pause across your search, social, and e-commerce publishers in one UI. Simply select the campaigns, groups, or ads that you want to schedule in the Marin grid and create rules for all of them at once. 

Review scheduled actions by campaign

View the dates of all upcoming scheduled actions for each campaign, group, and ad in the Marin grid – and make edits to the schedule whenever necessary. 

Apply a filter to the scheduled action column to view all actions scheduled within a specific date range. See all campaigns with actions scheduled to occur on the filtered date or time frame, and edit, add, or remove actions.

Start taking your time back today

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