The Challenge
the challenge

Can you make changes to your product feed?

The product feed is the building block for retailers' marketing campaigns, especially the newer AI-driven dynamic ads in Google Performance Max and Facebook Dynamic Ads. 

Unfortunately, the product feed is usually an output of your inventory system optimized for the website. As a marketer, can you change your feed to reflect best practices across Google, Meta, and Amazon?

SmartFeed lets you take control of your feed.

Take control of your feed

Marin’s SmartFeed is feed management, allowing marketers to focus on strategic campaign management while leaving the often mundane work of feed optimization to rule-based automation and in-house managed services. SmartFeed includes regular feed audits to spot errors and spelling mistakes and optimization opportunities for Google and Bing campaigns, such as refined categorization to fit publisher categories better. 

Change once, share with many

Smartfeed gives marketing control of inventory feed before sending it to Google and Facebook, allowing for easy cleanup and optimization. The optimized feed is sent to the relevant publishers, eliminating manual and duplicative work.

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Automate Campaign Creation with Dynamic Campaigns

Keeping up with your changing assortment can take a lot of work, especially for companies with an extensive product portfolio. Inventory constantly changes, products and brands come and go, and assortment varies dramatically by season.

How can you ensure complete coverage for your product catalog at the category, brand, and product level? 

There is only one correct answer: Automation with Dynamic Campaigns.