The Netherlands
  • 26% click increase.
  • 28% conversion increase.
  • 5% CPA increase.
  • 2% conversion rate increase.


123inkt is a Dutch online webstore launched in 2000. Started with just ink and toner, nowadays the company is the market leader in online sales of ink cartridges and toners in the Netherlands and Belgium. Besides these printer supplies, the company has rapidly and successfully expanded its office supply assortment over the last few years.

  • 123inkt used Microsoft’s migration to eCPC as an opportunity to test Marin Bidding alongside Microsoft Advertising eCPC.
  • All 155 of 123inkt's Microsoft Advertising accounts saw performance improvements from the moment the switch to eCPC went into effect. Clicks, conversions, and conversion rate all improved with only a slight CPA increase.
  • By leveraging Marin Bidding and Microsoft Advertising eCPC side-by-side, 123inkt was able to combine Microsoft’s powerful Auction Insights alongside Marin’s best-in-class bidding tools, with the two algorithms strengthening one another.

Having the best of both worlds really accelerated our bidding performance. Marin Bidding and Microsoft Advertising eCPC are a force to reckon with!

Cedric van Briemen
Team Lead SEA, 123inkt


The 123inkt team leverages nearly every aspect of Marin, from feed management to dynamic campaigns to Marin Bidding — and so much more. They are true power users of Marin and are constantly looking for ways to test new features, try new strategies, and improve performance by leveraging the tools that Marin and the publishers have available.

In early 2021, Microsoft Advertising announced that all manual bid strategies would be optimized by eCPC with a phased roll-out starting in March and continuing through April 2021. This presented 123inkt with an opportunity to test Microsoft Advertising’s eCPC functionality together with Marin Bidding to see how the two would perform in tandem.


123inkt used Marin Bidding to push bids to Microsoft Advertising and then leveraged conversion-based bid strategies within Microsoft Advertising — using insights to determine which auctions would drive the most impactful ad impressions and drive more conversions. Using Marin Bidding combined with Microsoft Advertising’s Auction Insights made for a powerful combination and offered the best of both worlds.

The two algorithms complemented each other because Microsoft Advertising uses auction-time signals (including device, browser, operating system, ad copy, time, day, previous searches, and other auction-time contextual signals) while Marin Bidding set bids to work toward a specific efficiency goal based on multiple conversion types, such as new and existing customers, while taking into account 123inkt’s attribution model to drive performance.


123inkt saw a performance improvement from the moment they flipped the switch to Microsoft Advertising eCPC, tracking conversions, CPA, and clicks across all 155 of 123inkt’s Microsoft Advertising accounts.

Comparing performance before and after the switch, 123inkt saw an uplift of:

  • 26% click increase.
  • 28% conversion increase.
  • 5% CPA increase. CPA increased slightly due to an increase in bids, which caused the auction to focus on users with a higher conversion probability.
  • 2% conversion rate increase.