• 20% average decrease in spend
  • 40% reduction in time spent on reporting and campaign management

A little about Arrow Media

Founded in 2004, ArrowMedia is a digital advertising agency specializing in pay-per-click advertising and web analytics. Employing over 60 seasoned professionals out of Moscow and Krasnoyarsk, ArrowMedia also provides consulting, auditing, SEO, and automation services to advertisers across Russia. They manage programs on Google, VK, and Facebook, and help their clients achieve strategic marketing goals through ROI-based optimization.

It feels like Marin was designed to meet the challenges of any agency. The ability to integrate revenue into our optimization strategies and efficiently report on performance at scale saves us countless hours and has reduced our clients’ CPO by 20% on average.

Petr Abroskin

Scaling Campaigns using publisher tools became too cumbersome

The digital advertising landscape in Russia is maturing, and with it, advertisers and agencies are now managing programs on a return on investment (ROI) basis. Consequently, publisher solutions like AdWords are unable to provide adequate visibility into revenue outcomes. To drive successful marketing programs, ArrowMedia required a solution that would provide a proven integration with Google Analytics and enable them to capture a complete picture of ROI.

Due to the limitations of the AdWords and Google Analytics reporting interfaces, ArrowMedia also found it impossible to track campaign processes and manage geo-targeted accounts for clients with over 1,000 keywords. As accounts grew, managing them with disparate bid management and reporting technologies became more manual and inefficient, increasing the risk of missing critical shifts in performance.

Varying degrees of campaign complexity and a constant flow of performance data made it difficult for ArrowMedia to efficiently scale their clients’ reporting needs. As a result, ArrowMedia spent too much time on manual analysis and reporting rather than completing strategic projects that could improve performance.

Arrow Media uses the full complement of Marin’s campaign management tools

Marin’s self-service revenue integrations enable ArrowMedia to automatically stitch revenue data captured by Google Analytics with publisher clicks and cost. With a complete view of revenue outcomes, ArrowMedia optimizes bids and creative based on their key performance indicators (KPI): ROI, return on ad spend (ROAS), margin, and cost-per-order (CPO). This level of visibility enables ArrowMedia to speak their clients’ “language” when reviewing KPIs and setting business goals, strengthening the agency-client relationship.

Using Marin’s bulk sheet and multi-edit capabilities, ArrowMedia efficiently tracks and makes changes across multiple geo-targeted campaigns. An intuitive user interface provides a streamlined workflow for setting up automated bidding, recurring reports, and performance alerts. Daily reports are generated, highlighting top and poorly performing keywords, AB testing results, and keywords with significant shifts in performance.

To segment and analyze the avalanche of performance data, ArrowMedia leverages Marin’s advanced filtering capabilities and web query reports. Managing by exception, ArrowMedia quickly isolates significant trends and efficiently monitors daily performance across multiple clients from a single Excel spreadsheet. Without the need to manually manipulate data, they have more confidence in their reporting and spend more time focusing on client projects.

CPO dropped by 20% on Average

Marin has enabled ArrowMedia to optimize their clients’ pay-per-click programs with impressive results. Backing revenue-based KPIs into Marin’s patented bidding algorithm, ArrowMedia reduced their clients’ CPO by 20% on average. Furthermore, using the platform’s suite of reporting and management tools, they were able to reduce the amount of time spent on low-value tasks by 40%, and invest more time towards high-value, strategic projects.