The Netherlands & Belgium
  • Implemented automated bidding to optimise towards goal of maximizing clicks whilst maintaining margin
  • Optimisation tools such as Marin NEXT used to identify opportunities to increase click volumes
  • Saved 66% of time spent managing campaigns
  • Increased clicks by 28% whilst maintaining their margin


With consumers can quickly and easily compare more than fifteen million products from 6,210 shops based on price, payment options, labeling and delivery. Furthermore, they can browse as many as 454,412 product reviews from other consumers and experts, as well as 9,717 video reviews to see the products come to life.

Not only has Marin enabled us to save 66% of our time managing campaign, it has helped us generate a 28% increase in clicks whilst maintaining our margin. Their automated bidding has allowed us to easily bid to our goal of increasing clicks whilst maintaining margin. Also, their additional optimisation tools such as keyword expansion and Marin Next have helped us identify missed opportunities to generate higher click volumes. All of this has allowed me to focus more time on strategically expanding our campaigns into new channels such as display and search retargeting.

Angela Bloem
Online Marketing at found it too troubling to keep in-house keyword tool up-to-date with publisher APIs had a large scale search campaign with more than four million keywords across Holland and Belgium, which they were managing through an in-house built tool called Keyword Manager. With limited development time, struggled to keep up with the regular API updates by search engines and new feature requests from their marketing team.

This meant there was a lot of disparity in data, between the tool and Google Adwords. As a result, the search team was often trying to optimise campaigns from incomplete data. Also, they were struggling to get visibility into their data, as they couldn’t get a simple view of data across all their accounts. They could only view one account at a time.

Furthermore, had to manually make bid changes. Due to their business model wanted to maximize clicks, whilst maintaining a set margin. This complex bidding strategy made manually bidding across four million keywords a very time consuming task, taking up around 15% of their time.

After trying our another 3rd party tool, they found success with Marin carried out a review of third-party digital ad management platforms in order to help overcome these challenges. After reviewing three platforms, including a local Dutch solution, they decided to work with Marin Software due to its proven ability to manage large-scale accounts with millions of keywords. Revenue data from’s in-house tracking system was integrated into the Marin Software platform, providing visibility into revenue generated at the keyword level.

Marin Software’s proven bi-directional sychronisation with major search engines meant always had accurate data, which mirrored what they would find in Google Adwords. Marin’s easy-to-use interface and multi-level account view meant could easily get a view of performance across accounts, as well as right down to a more granular campaign or keyword level. also implemented Marin Software’s automated bidding across their campaign. Marin’s patented bid algorithm enabled to maximize performance, whilst meeting their set margin target. This saved them significant time manually bidding and yielded even better performance.

Marin’s further campaign management and optimization features meant found further ways to increase traffic volume. They took advantage of Marin’s keyword expansion tool to identify new relevant keywords with the necessary click volumes they require. They also used filters to identify existing keywords that weren’t performing, which resulted in them reducing the number of keywords in each ad group, whilst increasing the relevancy. Consequently, they saw an improvement in Quality Score.

Finally, used Marin Next, which is an intelligent recommendation engine that leverages Marin’s proprietary optimisation methodology to uncover new revenue opportunities and help marketers address them with best practice workflows. reviewed recommendations regularly to identify opportunities to increase click volumes. They were able to easily identify multiple opportunities to increase clicks across their large-scale campaign.

Saved time while increasing clicks

As a result of using Marin Software, saved 66% of the time they spent managing campaigns. They reinvested this time in strategic expansion of their campaigns across new channels and publishers. In addition, saw improvements in the performance of their campaign with clicks increasing by 28% whilst maintaining their set margin.