• 20% decrease in cost per acquisition
  • Analytics-to-action interface and reporting tools allowed them to spend 20% more time on optimisation
  • 30% reduction in time spent on bid management

Brandos, online shoe retailer for the Nordic regions of Europe

Brandos offers a wide selection of shoes, jeans, and bags from over 500 brands to help people express their personal style. Focused on providing top-notch customer service, Brandos offers shoppers free shipping and free returns on all purchases. As part of their integrated digital advertising program, Brandos relies on search and shopping campaigns to acquire new customers and drive more revenue in a highly competitive retail landscape.

Paid search has always been an incredibly important channel for Brandos, and with increased competition it became clear we needed a better solution. Marin Software has allowed us to drive more traffic at a lower cost, and stay ahead of the competition with new ad formats like PLAs. We’re thrilled to be able to reach more costumers while staying within budget.

Julien Mulot
Head of Search at Brandos

Combating Rising CPAs and New Competition

As part of a competitive retail landscape, Brandos struggled to gain the increasingly divided attention of consumers. As cost per click increased month after month, they found it difficult to achieve their aggressive business goal of driving more shoppers to their website without increasing budget.

Brandos also faced additional competition from new retailers in the market, who were competing for the same keywords and clicks. Long-tail keywords lacked competition, but were limited in performance data. Unfortunately, manually calculating bids for these keywords was time-consuming, slow to react, and resulted in wasted spend. These challenges underscored the need to improve efficiency with faster, more intelligent bid management.

Automating for Better Decision-Making

Marin’s single, unified interface provides Brandos streamlined access any level of their account down to the keyword level. Advanced filtering and trend analysis functionality enables them to quickly identify trends and outliers across product lines, allowing them to react immediately to shifts in performance due to seasonality. Marin Dimensions enables Brandos to tag any campaign element with business attributes, unconstrained by account structure. Their keywords and creative are segmented and rolled up across brands and geography, providing deep insight into how performance varies across similar keywords and key geographic regions.

Using Marin’s patented bidding solution, Brandos is able to automatically calculate optimal bids based on their aggressive cost per acquisition (CPA) goals. The algorithm blends data across low volume terms, enabling them to bid effectively on long-tail keywords without an expensive “learning” period. Complete support for Product Listing Ads (PLA) also allows them to integrate shopping ads into their optimization strategy and drive more traffic at a profitable CPA.

20% Decrease in CPA and 30% Time Savings

Marin Software enabled Brandos to streamline their management workflow, and efficiently scale their paid search program. Switching from manual to algorithmic bid calculations allowed them to increase conversions while decreasing CPA 20%. The successful optimization of their PLA campaigns has resulted in increasing investments in this highly effective ad format. Furthermore, Marin’s analytics-to-action interface has decreased the time spent by Brandos’ team on campaign management by 30%, allowing them to focus on higher priority, strategic initiatives.