• 36% more clicks
  • 7% lower cost per click
  • 17% revenue growth


Buyagift, a leading provider of gift experiences in the UK, scours the UK marketplace for all things gift-related. From unique birthday and holiday gifts to a curated selection of novelty items to mark a special occasion, Buyagift offers an exceptional assortment.

Smartboxes are tangible gift experiences that can be shared with friends and loved ones. Each is available packaged in a glossy gift box. Each Smartbox has its own unique theme offering hand-picked experiences spanning the UK and Europe.

Marin’s integration has enabled a more robust, algorithm-based approach to the bidding process, with great results. Our peak season is quickly approaching, and we can now comfortably leave all the heavy lifting to Marin, while focusing on the strategic positioning of our smartboxes in an ever-demanding marketplace.

Alex Torres
Senior Performance Marketing Manager


“Smartboxes are the best-selling gift-experience concept across Europe, that combines the freedom of gift experiences with the excitement of a gift you can hold in your hands,” explains Alex Torres, Senior Performance Marketing Manager at Buyagift. “Naturally, we wanted to bring this leading offer to UK customers. Amazon provided the right solution for us to showcase this innovative product.”

The Buyagift team started advertising on Amazon in 2018, launching a combination of Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Product campaigns to help achieve their growth objectives. The team set many of the campaigns to manual targeting to allow for keyword optimization and bid management.

However, without automation, bids for the campaigns had to be updated by hand on a regular basis. Manually managing bids requires multiple steps: performance review and data analysis, forecasting, and then the actual implementation. This makes frequent optimization challenging, with rolling windows of historical data constantly factoring into each new bid.


Buyagift sought a tech partner in Marin Software who could help drive their multi-channel marketing efforts. Marin Software provides enterprise marketing software for advertisers and agencies to integrate, align, and amplify their digital advertising spend across the web and mobile devices. Marin Software offers a unified SaaS ad management platform for search, social, and eCommerce advertising.

Linking their Amazon accounts to Marin Software has enabled Buyagift to quickly and clearly report on and analyze sponsored ads performance data. With Marin Software, they can readily compare performance day over day and month over month.

Additionally, collaborating with the Marin team, Buyagift set up automated bidding for their keywords based Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns. Alongside Buyagift’s search campaigns, Marin is now pushing updated bids daily for the keywords covering nearly 4,000 products for Buyagift, based on ROAS targets that the team have set.


Automated bidding helped Buyagift increase their exposure to Amazon customers, generating a 79% increase in ad impressions. Click volumes also increased by 36%, with cost per click 7.4% lower than before. This increased awareness and engagement, and ultimately helped Buyagift grow revenue on Amazon by 17%.