Paris, France
  • 43% increase in number of app installs
  • 50% decrease in CPA
  • Close to 14,000 app installs total


Deezer is an international music streaming service, with over 53 million tracks available online and offline on various devices. The company wanted to find a more innovative way to engage with a younger audience, who have digital choices more than ever before.

Using Instagram we were able to reach and engage with our key younger audience. We found that the Instagram Stories placement was very effective at driving app installs. The optimisation made by the Marin Software team ensured the campaign ran efficiently and the CPI decreased month-on-month.

Guylain Meykiechel
Head of Global Media & Acquisition at Deezer


The team launched a “Youngsters” campaign, aimed at reaching 13 to 20-year-old users on Instagram, a platform notable for discovery. The main campaign goal was to drive app installs at a more cost-effective CPA. While engagement on Instagram Feed was steady, performance fell short, overshooting the goal by 105%.


The Marin and Deezer team implemented a few changes to bring down the CPA:

Instagram Stories

With over 400 million active users on Instagram Stories, this platform is a great testing ground for brands to implement a creative and personalized engagement approach.

The team used Marin Social’s bulk ad creation to build multiple ad variations in one workflow. After testing different creatives, artists, placements, and optimization goals, they were able to identify the best-performing Instagram Stories—automatically streamlining and optimizing their ad campaigns.

Multiple Creatives for Better Optimization

Multiple creatives not only help with ad fatigue, they also enable brands to have more data points and learnings, making it easier to optimize towards the best-performing ad. For example, in this particular campaign, the creative featuring MHD, a French rapper from Paris, resonated better with users and resulted in a lower CPI, allowing smarter creative budget allocation.

As the team grew accounts, increased spend on Instagram Stories, and continued testing across segments, Marin’s customizable dashboard made it easy to have a clear view of performance optimization techniques.

Switch from Facebook App Installs to Link Clicks

At the beginning of the campaign, the app installs were expensive and the number of downloads was low. The recommendation was to switch to link clicks instead, which enabled us to have enough tangible data points to better optimize.

By integrating their 3rd party data with Marin, Deezer was able to monitor all conversions in real-time, resulting in instant optimizations, while keeping costs below or within targets.


  • Over the course of two months we saw:
  • 43% increase in number of app installs
  • 50% decrease in CPA
  • Close to 14,000 app installs total