• 404% ROAS increase
  • 53% CPC decrease

Marin is a trusted partner who we consult with frequently. Since beginning the partnership, performance improved during key marketing periods and is improving month-over-month. We look forward to collaborating with Marin to keep scaling our shopping program.

Changing Fashions

Advertising performance for a world-famous design and fashion house trended well below its target return on ad spend (ROAS). Strong seasonality and a rapidly shifting marketplace caused sliding sales. These challenges were as tricky to negotiate as the catwalks at Fashion Week.

In with the Marin Crowd

Marin Software collaborated with this fashion house to design a new shopping plan and implement it with the “hautest” marketing technology.

The alliance was an immense success, resulting in a 400% increase in ROAS.

How Did We Do It?

The customer success team at Marin Software worked closely with the digital marketing accounts to understand what was and wasn’t working.

The audit revealed the best course of action—a full campaign restructure. Marin’s customer success team served as a trusted advisor during the planning and execution of this overhaul, followed by a healthy dose of testing to make sure only the best changes stuck. This laid the foundation for new growth and discovery.

Prior to Marin Software, the fashion house operated at, or below, an even ROAS. Marin was tasked with improving their future performance using all the tools in its software and service suite. Our holistic approach to optimization—beyond just focusing on bidding—was key to helping the client team find its old strut again. And, its 400% ROAS increase won the show.