Established in 2006, Interactive Avenues is a full service digital marketing company with offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. The agency’s experience and domain expertise stretches across sectors like finance, telecom, automotive, travel, e-commerce, IT, FMCG and education, which makes them the preferred choice for blue chip companies.


Interactive Avenues, in partnership with their customer, relied on a digital presence to build the automotive brand and generate a loyal following of engaged customers. Focusing on one of the flagship vehicles, Interactive Avenues had been leveraging Facebook heavily to build a fan base for their marketing and promotional efforts.


Interactive Avenues had been running a successful Facebook campaign. However, after a few months, they started seeing a lower growth rate of fans and an increase in cost-per-fan acquisition.


Interactive Avenues decided to deploy Marin Software to help with their Facebook campaigns. Marin Software’s automated bidding, creative rotation, and granular reporting and attribution set the platform apart. Using Marin’s creative rotation, Interactive Avenues was able to put performance thresholds in place such that new creatives would be rotated in when the click through rate or impression levels started to decrease. Furthermore, the creative rotation setting allowed Interactive Avenues to create multiple variations of a single ad at one time and have the system automatically rotate them versus manually rotating ads.


With over 1.5 million fans and counting, the brand page for Interactive Avenue’s automotive customer is continuing its successful Facebook advertising campaigns thanks to the help of Marin Software. Shortly after deploying the platform and setting up their campaigns with creative rotation enabled, the Facebook campaigns quickly started to see improved returns.

Interactive Avenues has been able to save time on more manual tasks and focus on Facebook campaign optimization and expansion to grow their customer’s global fan base.

Improvements included:

  • 2,500 fans acquired daily 

  • 150% increase in new fans per day
  • 3.85 to acquire a new fan
  • 23% decrease in cost per Fan acquisition