United Kingdom
  • 120% increase in conversions
  • 56% lower CPL
  • 5.5X higher conversion rate

Background: In the Driver’s Seat

Performics is a performance marketing agency, and a part of Publicis Groupe, the oldest and one of the largest marketing and communications companies in the world. Performics manages the digital advertising campaigns for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ (FCA) well-known brand Jeep on Facebook, leveraging Marin Social for optimization and reporting flexibility.

The Performics team had been successfully using Marin Social and were seeing positive results from early on. Off the back of this, the team looked to scale up their activity on Facebook, but were seeing diminishing returns in performance. Therefore they looked to use Marin Social’s split testing functionality to provide accurate direction in order to scale up their activity in a more efficient way.

The Marin Social team provided exclusive access to split testing functionality above and beyond what is currently available on the Facebook platform. With this additional insight we were able to accurately fuel our decisions and strategy, by giving a clear direction when optimizing to conversion goals. Ultimately this led to our Facebook campaigns being able to increase in scale whilst increasing efficiencies, making it a powerful tool to drive performance and elevate our Facebook marketing campaigns.

Paul Kasamias
Head of Performance Media at Performics

Riding on Rough Terrain

One of the primary goals for FCA’s social marketing efforts is to drive leads and mid-funnel engagement via qualified quote requests. Performics developed a strategic campaign to increase web traffic volume and leads, but owing to the nature of the Automotive industry they lacked historical conversion volume for effective automated optimisations. Additionally, the team realized that outside traffic campaigns on Facebook weren’t optimizing to actual traffic, due to limitations such as a website connectivity issues, or a bounce before page loads. This meant users were unable to consume valuable website content which could influence their purchase decisions.

A Fork in the Road: A/B Testing for Success

In partnership with Marin’s Customer Success team, Performics adapted features to FCA’s needs. Split tests were then conducted to understand performance between campaigns optimized towards Website Clicks versus Website Conversions on Facebook. A few weeks into the flight, it became clear that campaigns optimized towards Website Conversions were performing significantly better. After making the switch, overall performance improved significantly.


  • 120% increase in conversions
  • 56% lower CPL
  • 5.5X higher conversion rate