• Up to 3.5x reduction CPA on retargeting campaigns
  • 6.3x better CVR
  • Improved audience targeting
  • Time savings

The Cross-Channel Challenge (TV, Search, and Social)

One of the largest loan comparison websites in Europe was looking to reduce CPA by leveraging the high volumes of search traffic from a TV branding campaign. The idea was to improve their segmentation and reach their high-value audiences more effectively, and to retarget these TV ad audiences in social campaigns.

A Sophisticated and Efficient Retargeting Strategy

The company utilised Marin's smart search intent retargeting feature while excluding known audience segments, to retarget potential prospects on Facebook.

As the financial company launched its TV campaign, it expected its search traffic to grow, since the TV ads would expose more customers to the brand. As a result, they decided to segment each keyword by brand vs. generic. This approach allowed them to create matching Website Custom Audiences in Facebook for people who searched for brand vs. generic.

According to the value assigned to the audiences, the advertiser applied different bid strategies and CPA targets. Previous campaigns had helped to determine the optimum value of the manual bid per tiers and define clear CPA targets.

The loan comparison website also used smart exclusions to avoid retargeting users who had already generated leads. Therefore, it reached only high-value audiences, without wasting impressions and reducing the risk of consumer ad fatigue.

Creating High-Value Audiences with the Marin Smart Tag

The Marin smart search intent retargeting feature played a key role in the success of this campaign. It provided the ability to tag keywords according to the selected strategy and to create real-time Website Custom Audiences on Facebook. It also allowed the customer to understand and segment high-value audiences without manual work, since the Website Custom Audiences were updated automatically based on site visitors who arrived via search ads.

With the help of Custom Audiences and Website Custom Audiences, the customer was able to exclude users who already converted at a particular stage of the funnel.

Leveraging the high volumes of search traffic from their TV branding campaign and retargeting on social improved audience segmentation and reduced the cost per acquisition by 3.5x.

Time Savings, Advanced Audience Targeting

Key components of the brand’s success include the ability to leverage search traffic from TV branding ads, audience segmentation, and better cost per acquisition.

Overall results were:

  • Time savings with real-time Website Custom Audience targeting
  • High-value user segmentation
  • Opportunity to create lookalikes based on segmented audiences for acquisition campaigns
  • Up to 3.5x less CPA on retargeting campaigns
  • 6.3x better CVR