The Group, operator of shopping guides, price comparators, shopping search engines and Internet review platforms, is number one in Europe with 19.8 million unique visitors (Comscore audience, January 2014). With a team of around 200 employees, the group operates in 14 European countries thanks to a multi-site strategy, including, Ciao, Webmarchands, Dooyoo and Choozen. The group has chosen Marin Software to carry out e-marketing expenses for all of its subsidiaries including, the leader in price comparison and buying guide in France.


As part of its comparator activity, has to manage several million keywords. The manual management of campaigns quickly comes up against human capacities for handling and optimizing a large volume of data, both at the structural level (editorial, extension of keyword lists, targeting management) and at the performance level ( daily auction optimization).

In addition, the presence of on several advertising networks (Google, Yahoo / Bing, Facebook) only reinforces the complexity of the workflow and the repetition of daily tasks on each of the publisher consoles to the detriment of enhanced performance optimization. financial.

Finally, uses an internal system for tracking conversions and turnover generated through these campaigns. The ability to reconcile this data with cost information from publishers is an essential factor in implementing bid optimization strategies with a high level of reliability.

Solution sets itself the objective of improving productivity by relying on the automation of the greatest number of repetitive tasks with low added value. The primary objective is to be able to focus on optimizing the return on investment. Marin Software's ability and experience to manage large-scale campaigns will allow to precisely meet the needs of:

  • 1. A single platform for centralized and consistent management of campaigns on Google, Yahoo / Bing and Facebook. can now manage its campaigns from a single platform without having to reproduce the same tasks on each of the publisher consoles;
  • 2. Thanks to the categorization of campaign elements with Marine Dimensions, can "mark" campaigns, ad groups or keywords allowing a more detailed analysis, and this across all accounts and / or networks. , without limitation imposed by the structure of the accounts;
  • 3. By relying on Marin Software's connectivity service with the customer's CRM databases, can integrate conversion and turnover data from its internal information system directly into the Marin Software application that will assign each conversion to the right keyword or the right ad;
  • 4. Marin Software's patented algorithm has the power to automatically manage multi-million keyword bids based on a performance goal. The specificity of Marin Software's tool lies in its ability to optimally manage long tail keywords which represent an important part of's system.


The productivity gains noted by can be found at both operational and financial levels.

On the one hand, cut by five the time spent on manual bid adjustment, which represented the bulk of the resources allocated to campaign management. This time saving has, for example, allowed the development of campaigns by substantially increasing the volume of keywords, which made it possible to generate more business volumes on the Yahoo / Bing and Facebook networks, previously poorly optimized by the teams by lack of time. Thus, the deployment of Marin Software facilitated the restructuring and expansion of campaigns on the Yahoo / Bing network, resulting in a tripling of's investments on this network at constant margin.

On the other hand, these growth efforts, associated with Marin Software's automated bidding algorithm, have reduced the average cost per click (CPC) by 15%, resulting in a sharp increase in return on investment. This improvement in financial performance resulted in a gain of +10 points in the net margin on overall sales.