• 40% higher CTR (compared to PPLA campaigns)
  • 21% less CP signup (compared to PPLA campaigns)
  • 20% under CPA target
  • Time savings

Leo Vegas, the King of Online Gaming

First developed in Sweden, Leo Vegas is an online casino that’s now Europe’s biggest mobile casino, owned by Leo Vegas International, Malta.

Leo being Latin for lion and Vegas being the city of dreams, Leo Vegas is a powerful casino experience with royal service.

Leo Vegas provides world-class game entertainment – on mobile, tablet, and desktop. It runs Europe’s fastest and most user-friendly mobile casino.

It was hugely satisfying to see improvement in our KPIs with our Carousel campaigns. It supported Facebook’s recommendation to consider a storytelling approach with bold design, and demonstrated the benefit of embracing new ad formats. Combined with Marin’s features and support we had a clear view of our campaigns at all times. The bulk editing and optimisation features meant more time could be spent understanding the reasons behind high performing adverts, rather than having to manually investigate and optimise each ad in isolation.

Oliver Przybylski
Social Acquisition Manager UK at Leo Vegas

How to be the King of the Jungle?

As a new brand in the highly competitive mobile gaming industry, the goal was to support existing above the line campaigns that position Leo Vegas as King of Mobile Casino with a huge game library, whilst increasing CTR and lowering CPAs.

Carousel ads were the perfect option to ensure Leo Vegas ads stood out in Facebook News Feed. With its intuitive dashboard and ability to optimise campaigns at the ad level, Marin was uniquely suited to optimise Leo Vegas’ campaigns.

The primary goals of the campaigns were to test a new format advert that would stand out in the News Feed, allow for better visualisation of the range of games available, and increase click-through rates, all whilst optimising to lower CPAs.

With its campaign “King of Mobile Casino” (July – November 2015), Leo Vegas leveraged Carousel ads through a storytelling approach with bold visuals and snappy copy, and lowered CPAs for new player acquisitions.

With Carousel Ads, What Goes Around, Comes Around

With Carousel ads, Leo Vegas had the opportunity to show different games available on their site, expand on new features, and inform new players of the improved Leo Vegas ‘Welcome Package’.

Leo Vegas chose strong images combined with snappy headlines (such as ‘Go Bananas!’). The goal was to initially attract attention, and then provide further detail and context as the user swiped through the carousel.

This extra real estate meant engaged users could enjoy the strong visuals and be drip-fed key information in the style of a story rather than an intrusive advert.

Doubling Down

Since lookalike audiences based on the Facebook Custom Audience of “people who deposited” performed best for the Page Post link campaigns, Leo Vegas launched 2% lookalike audiences for their Carousel ad campaigns. This enabled the advertiser to have a broader reach but still target users similar to their core audience.

Leo Vegas created lookalike campaigns to widen their audience and reach more potential high-value players. With the help of Marin Social, they bulk-created multiple campaigns and ad variations in very little time, freeing up hours to monitor the campaigns at the ad level. This made it very easy to identify the best performing ads and optimise accordingly.

The ability to pivot reporting was a key timesaver, in addition to the ease of exporting, visualising, and sharing that data with their analysts. Audience Manager made it very simple to test a combination of lookalikes and WCA audiences whilst excluding existing players.

The Royal Results:

  • 40% higher CTR (compared to PPLA campaigns)
  • 21% less CP signup (compared to PPLA campaigns)
  • 20% under CPA target
  • Time savings